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Take the poll: Should Jimmy Fallon be taken off the air for his parody on SNL or is the fact he has liberal views protect him from criticism? Debate this and more at See the videos here
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Vi Chi
Vi Chi Hora atrás
BLACKPINK comeback rồi sẽ ra mắt lại thấy khó chịu và thoải mái hơn khi nào có nhu cho các bạn ơi nghe
Vi Chi
Vi Chi Hora atrás
Look at you now look at me Look at you now look at me How You Like That
Lynx cat
Lynx cat 2 horas atrás
덕질하자 온세상 덕후들아
Slikbill 2 horas atrás
this sux
かばぶぶ Hora atrás
your life sux
Music Nation
Music Nation 3 horas atrás
Love BLACKPINK so much watch my lyrics video check it out guys love yahhhh
스누피 3 horas atrás
역시 한복
Vana Lee
Vana Lee 5 horas atrás
Biggest group in the world
Puji Ati
Puji Ati 5 horas atrás
Alhmdulilah ktmu d jln
L.A C.L 5 horas atrás
Jennie killed this performance (well all of 'em) and those people who call her lazy is not here. I hope stylists give her more comfortable clothes and shoes in the future performances. I'd bet she'd kill those too.
Raneem Iftekhar
Raneem Iftekhar 6 horas atrás
If you're curious about their hanbok inspired outfits, here is the designer!
김기범 6 horas atrás
Korea ♡
Vivian Tran
Vivian Tran 8 horas atrás
I like BLACKPINK but their songs all sound the same. But I have no problem with it. If y’all wanna hate do it. I luv making fun of you guys 😘
Mahziar Magham
Mahziar Magham 10 horas atrás
Abigail Logan
Abigail Logan 11 horas atrás
Is it just me or does anyone else wonder why k pop is popular? I honestly don’t like it lol
かばぶぶ Hora atrás
uhmm people have different tastes?? not everyone's gonna like Kpop.
SaymonKook 11 horas atrás
SaymonKook 11 horas atrás
This girls is so perfect♡♡♡
yani bunny
yani bunny 12 horas atrás
Y’all are talking about their outfits but did y’all notice the little face Lisa made at 0:26 and jisoo facial expression change at 1:55
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 9 horas atrás
Asina Fokret
Asina Fokret 12 horas atrás
Black pink
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 9 horas atrás
I love their outfits!! QUEENS 💕👑
Jessie Hill
Jessie Hill 13 horas atrás සැසිය ඒ නිසා ඔබ දකින හැකි දේ
Juan Carlos Triminio Martinez
Juan Carlos Triminio Martinez 13 horas atrás
Rose porque por qué te tocaslas chiquitas
นิติภูมิ เจริญวัย
นิติภูมิ เจริญวัย 13 horas atrás
0:42 หน้าลิซ่าตอนนี้มันคุ้นๆน้า~~อื้ม🤔🤔
김도연 14 horas atrás
xxxDånìxxx :v
xxxDånìxxx :v 15 horas atrás
Eso es conciertos virtual verdad porque no veo gente o gente qué grité
Etienne Ray
Etienne Ray 15 horas atrás
Singing in Korean... def the subtitles we need
구구 16 horas atrás
Hashini Sivaneswaran
Hashini Sivaneswaran 16 horas atrás
No one: Everyone in the comments: No one: Everyone in the comment section: Why is no one talking about their outfits?
Litan Panda
Litan Panda 18 horas atrás
Black pink is the revolution
Alma Kimchi
Alma Kimchi 18 horas atrás
You know that phenomenon where you hear a song multiple times and love it more? I’m not getting it
Rj Ampoloquio
Rj Ampoloquio 18 horas atrás
Camera work is all over the place. Missed the good dance parts of the chorus by zooming in instead of going wide.
Billie Eilish Siempre diva nunca in-diva uwu
Billie Eilish Siempre diva nunca in-diva uwu 19 horas atrás
I love their outfits!! QUEENS 💕👑
Monica Seiko Nakamura
Monica Seiko Nakamura 19 horas atrás
Diana Ayllon
Diana Ayllon 22 horas atrás
Clearly Korean camera crew 😂 Americans are not this careful with details
Laverna Asus
Laverna Asus 23 horas atrás
Member position based on their hanbook outfit : -Lisa hanbook representing = highest general that lead all of Army scout in kingdom, master of war , master of plan and tactic. -Rosse hanbook representing = conubine/mistrees for the king that always as a part of kingdom history with her intelligence and ingenuity she can be in her position right now -Jennie hanbook representing = crown princess as a highest princess position in kingdom aslo match with her color outfit's black and pink -Jisoo hanbook representing = empress that lead all of women in kingdom, highest postion of women in dynasty beside queen of mother Always at behind of a king and as a destiny of people faith..... Only my opinion... Where is Queen Mother... queen mother has a important job in kingdom circle's but we know that queen mother always old and has a long age.. so i cant decided haha
Vi Chi
Vi Chi Dia atrás
How You Like That BLACKPINK comeback rồi how you now you see
Vi Chi
Vi Chi Dia atrás
BLACKPINK comeback rồi sẽ ra mắt lại thấy khó chịu chút nào mọi người ơi nhanh chóng chuẩn của một người nào đó
Yeji Kim
Yeji Kim Dia atrás
Yooo!!! rosé's dancing!!!! periodt!!! that's it that's the comment
Anisha Shruti A T
Anisha Shruti A T Dia atrás
is it only me or is there something really wrong with the editing...
Мараткь 4шм Сырат
Мараткь 4шм Сырат Dia atrás
Ciro M
Ciro M Dia atrás
These girls are perfection when they dance. Never vulgar. So talented. Bye 👋🏻
dollofvoodoo Dia atrás
Boring. Not as exciting as their other performances. A real disappointment.
ha nguyen
ha nguyen Dia atrás
Lisa is so great. Blackpink too. Love Lisa.
omonomnomo Dia atrás
those hanbok outfits are a fucking masterpiece.
Lorelei Fitterer
Lorelei Fitterer Dia atrás
SPREAD THE WORD Yemen is going through the worst humanitarian crisis in the world :
E J Dia atrás
Haters gonna hate but Blackpink keeps on winning 🤪😝😘
Windsaint Dia atrás
🖤B💗L🖤A💗C🖤K💗 💗P🖤I💗N🖤K💗
Ramona Queen ASMR
Ramona Queen ASMR Dia atrás How you like that: legendado /Tradução
miuu htt
miuu htt Dia atrás
Yêu con người và tính cách phong cách của Rosé ❤️
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Dia atrás
Who's here after seeing the pinks stage in inkigayo???
K-Canna Queen
K-Canna Queen Dia atrás
She was rapping in Korean at 1:30 ._. She legit said “ya girl want it all and that a hunnit”
Alan Dia atrás
One of the worst groups in Kpop right now. Very little talent, ability and artistic value.
かばぶぶ Hora atrás
lol thats the most inaccurate sentence i've ever seen it's actually *The best group right now in Kpop Very outstanding talents the best musical abilities Rosé Lisa Jisoo Jennie can play several instruments and above artistic value*
Elisabeth Loho
Elisabeth Loho 21 hora atrás
Don't be so jeally antis. You can never. Lol 😏
Neon Sign
Neon Sign Dia atrás
마! 이게바로 한국음방 카메라무빙이다!!!
siska dewi
siska dewi Dia atrás
Jennie rose Lisa jisso
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Dia atrás
I’m LIVING for their new stylist!!!!
siska dewi
siska dewi Dia atrás
siska dewi
siska dewi Dia atrás
Black pink
siska dewi
siska dewi Dia atrás
How dou like that 😍😍
siska dewi
siska dewi Dia atrás
Lisa Jennie jisso rose
siska dewi
siska dewi Dia atrás
Elaine Olimpio
Elaine Olimpio Dia atrás
Quem foi o estilista em. Merece muito reconhecimento devido as referências culturais do país Coreano nos trajes . Até Jisoo de referência de roupas de reis. Arrasou
Mayara Silva
Mayara Silva Dia atrás
Cadê os brasileiros
Luanacamacho analu7
Luanacamacho analu7 Dia atrás
Natasha Haba
Natasha Haba Dia atrás
How you like that haters
Hanna Alzén
Hanna Alzén Dia atrás
Love this, amazing
sky flowers
sky flowers Dia atrás
pmc design
pmc design Dia atrás
0:26 yow what's wrong w lisa's smile?
Thayná Dantas
Thayná Dantas Dia atrás
Aaaaaaaa, eu amo o blackpink
Rosieana Ly
Rosieana Ly Dia atrás
I’m LIVING for their new stylist!!!!
Robbie Dodson - Kids videos
Robbie Dodson - Kids videos Dia atrás
Why is nobody talking about their outfits which was inspired by korean hanboks?!
Pretty Chan
Pretty Chan Dia atrás
Let's listen guitar cover of this song too ! It's very nice 😊👍 LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE if you like that ok ✌
Living In My Luggage
Living In My Luggage Dia atrás
They improved so much, Well done girls
Squishy Kyungsoo Forever
Squishy Kyungsoo Forever Dia atrás
Blackpink comeback never disappoint us
André Dia atrás
nobody: a sub: singing in korean/rapping in korean
Diana Mafico
Diana Mafico Dia atrás
I like this . Its more original and you can hear their natural voices without editing
00 rr
00 rr Dia atrás
Even though Im Korean, I dont get their Korean singing part.
Chí Hiền Danh
Chí Hiền Danh Dia atrás
bình luận để trở thành fan cứng của blackpink haha
Lamkiki Omi
Lamkiki Omi Dia atrás
🦋 H O P E 🦋
🦋 H O P E 🦋 Dia atrás
Cameraman: This is my chance to show my love to rose .
galaxysky27 Dia atrás
Mary Lalngaihawmi
Mary Lalngaihawmi Dia atrás
Blackpink jisoo
hows look like that in english lyrics
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