🏆 The Game Awards 2020: Nominee Announcement 🎮

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Geoff Keighley announces the nominees for The Game Awards in this special event, leading into the live show on Thursday, December 10.
Game of the Year includes:
Animal Crossing New Horizons
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Ghost of Tsushima
The Last of Us Part II
Get Ready to Vote: www.thegameawards.com/nominees
Stream the show on live Thursday, December 10 in 4K on BRshow.
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SuperMarioBrosShow 2
SuperMarioBrosShow 2 8 minutos atrás
Smash Bros. Ultimate wasn't nominated. Is it because they were nominated last year?
Imam Setiadi
Imam Setiadi 18 minutos atrás
The last of us part 2 GOTY 2020
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar Hora atrás
I want spiderman miles morales to have best action game. Insomaniac deserve the award.
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar Hora atrás
My heart saying GOT should win best game award but my mind says TLOU will because it's an "ART"game with a forced story.
Barbatei Lucian Alex
Barbatei Lucian Alex Hora atrás
For this year i should pick The last of us 2 as game of the year and i should nominee Mafia Definitive Edition in the sections Story and best action game.
Emil Garcia
Emil Garcia Hora atrás
i dont know which one to look forward to..The Last Us Part 2 bagging every awards its been nominated foe or the announcement/reveals for the upcoming games
pablo gonzalez valdes
pablo gonzalez valdes 2 horas atrás
the best of the game tlou part 2 is... the nominations, no story no gameplay no, the nominations xD
뱁새가좋아 3 horas atrás
last of us part 2가 왜 고티인건데 시발ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 야 솔직히 말해 소니애들한테 얼마나 처받은거야 개새끼들아
Blck 3 horas atrás
If you think this years TGA is controversial, next year is going to be absolute chaos, because of one game.
korra Pithani
korra Pithani 3 horas atrás
ghost for me is game of the year
Kai Nightingale
Kai Nightingale 4 horas atrás
I hated that they picked bad games such as TLOUP2 and FORTNITE in their award categories, they’re more rigged than metacritic, rotten tomatoes, casino slot machines and Carnaval games. Both liking and disliking this comment means that you agree with me.
Fuubi 4 horas atrás
i hope for Ghost, but i think most impact and Goty will be Last of us. But im fine with both
Xabier Madariaga
Xabier Madariaga 4 horas atrás
I don't know why pr5 isn't nominated for best videogame, art direction or music. Is (in my opinion) much better than doom eternal or hades. Hope that Animal crossing wins
Alex Rolón
Alex Rolón 4 horas atrás
Any other game: Hell-... Game Awards: *THE LAST OF US PART II*
BigAntDon 08
BigAntDon 08 8 horas atrás
Nobody: Me: Where's fortnite at
sreaver 4
sreaver 4 8 horas atrás
Its not just a small group that didn't like TLOU2. All these sites and BRshow defenders keep saying its just a few people being loud, but everyone I know in real life who do not create reviews didn't like it. They can continue to dismiss it by slapping labels on people, but they cannot ignore masses over time or try to cover it under awards. Some liked it and some didn't, but the way the developer just "name called" everyone who didn't like it was juvenile and is telling for why there was so much labeling in the game story itself.
watcher guy
watcher guy 9 horas atrás
Plot twist: tlou2 wins every award.
Monty 10 horas atrás
Doom eternal cant be goty. *it already is*
6A 18 pratham dabral
6A 18 pratham dabral 11 horas atrás
Among us
Kirbo 12 horas atrás
Wait fallen order came out in 2019 Wat
Kirbo 12 horas atrás
Ive never heard of any of these content creators
Kirbo 12 horas atrás
Fall guys has best community support but not Among us? Wat?
Kirbo 12 horas atrás
Does a REMAKE really deserve best narrative i mean it has been done before so like.....
Kirbo 12 horas atrás
Destiny 2 is getting nominated? Wow
Moises M.G
Moises M.G 12 horas atrás
Among us
Alba lucia Martínez Toro
Alba lucia Martínez Toro 12 horas atrás
TLOUS 2 nominade best narrative? Jajajjajajajjaa WTF
MoreM52 13 horas atrás
why is among us allowed it came out in 2018
Amitoj Singh Narula
Amitoj Singh Narula 14 horas atrás
Ghost of Tsushima is going to murder all games this year.
PC Boiz
PC Boiz 15 horas atrás
Everyone: Doom or ghost should win The woke awards: The last of us part ll Doom slayer and the ghosts sharpen their swords
Jacobo Guerrero
Jacobo Guerrero 15 horas atrás
I can't wait, i want to see Best Game of the year: The last of us part ll
DuhWaphuls 17 horas atrás
I'm so happy that 13 Sentinels was nominated for Best Narrative. The story is just too good.
Dark Rage
Dark Rage 18 horas atrás
Last of us part 2 is in so many nominations
SUHAIB GAMING 19 horas atrás
the last of us
Xavi Corona
Xavi Corona 19 horas atrás
Just doom.
Eathan Rivera
Eathan Rivera 19 horas atrás
I want Animal Crossing to win
ArasMX 20 horas atrás
don c
don c 18 horas atrás
how is lou2 corrupt and why do you have to take it down
cali boiii1
cali boiii1 21 hora atrás
I hope is doom eternal but he was a number 1.
Gordie Twigg-Smith
Gordie Twigg-Smith 21 hora atrás
I think FF7 Remake is going to win game of the year
Drew Butler
Drew Butler 22 horas atrás
The Last of the Game Awards: Part ll Part one was last year
James Yap
James Yap 22 horas atrás
It's just 2020 how worst can it be? The Game award: Hold my beer
Ayush Raj
Ayush Raj 23 horas atrás
One Punch man: the games nobody plays. How the hell it got nominated.
BigNate74 23 horas atrás
Not surprised that New Horizons an Doom Eternal are goty nominees, pleasantly surprised that FF7 remake an Hades are nominated as well, but.... The last of us Part II.... Not only is the game nominated for several awards, it’s also One of the nominees for *Game of the f&cking year!* I have not played it, but I’ve heard mainly neutral or negative opinions (mainly about after the first few hours it just escalates downwards) on the game so this is just.... I’m shocked🤯
mohmar2010 23 horas atrás
Doom Vs Animal Crossing Vs TLOU2 this is for the history books the world's most stressful votes
Noname Dia atrás
Geoff I'm afraid I won't like you anymore after this awards, just say you got the virus and stay at home and let someone else give the awards to the last of us 2 garbage, we already know it's was planned to get the awards...
The Pillowhead
The Pillowhead Dia atrás
Imagine..if Doom got nominated for best narrative LOL
JavaughnK Dia atrás
I can’t believe they put that shithole of a game over Miles Morales
Noname Dia atrás
Is there a most sjw retarded game award ? I see the winner hahahaha
Noname Dia atrás
hahahahaha please give an award to abby al least you will kill this awards by making me laugh
Electric Solucion
Electric Solucion Dia atrás
Bob Tom
Bob Tom Dia atrás
The AP has called the GOTY for The Last Of Us Part II. See more on Google. Robust safeguards help ensure the integrity of The Game Awards and results. Learn More.
Bob Tom
Bob Tom Dia atrás
First off, the nomination is rigged. Second, How much money did they pay you Geoff? How much cause MK11 and One Punch Man? Seriously? The DLC and that one game not many people liked gets nominated...
케로로 Dia atrás
JCResonator Dia atrás
Hades is a masterpiece.
Steven Chiang
Steven Chiang Dia atrás
I’m ok with TLOU2 winning GOTY now, since 2020 itself is bad enough, adding another shit thing on it only makes it more memorable.
Youlo King
Youlo King Dia atrás
Everyone here are talking about who's gonna win. And here i am thinking if they will announce something for...... Ahhhhhh Elden Ring..... Ohhhhh elden ring.... See you the 12 december, then i will leave my cave...
Rikuo Shinrameki
Rikuo Shinrameki Dia atrás
V-tubers shown no love in content creator of the year. They literally DOMINATED 2020.
Pekoe The Cub
Pekoe The Cub Dia atrás
I’m confused about among us. Isn’t it from 2018?
Youlo King
Youlo King Dia atrás
Ghost of tsushima deserve best art direction for me. The level design and the beautiful landscapes was something in this game. I know Ori is also on the line, but the first one already had something. Ghost at least deserve this award
Hiro Hayden
Hiro Hayden Dia atrás
xqc robbed
Broxton_ Dia atrás
4:14 you guys are joking, right?
Norwing Martinez
Norwing Martinez Dia atrás
My game of the year is the last of us part 2
Taco Fusion
Taco Fusion Dia atrás
The only Award I would be fine with The Last of Us Part 2 winning would be Ashley Johnson for the best performance
Yan Aks
Yan Aks Dia atrás
Rocket Man
Rocket Man Dia atrás
When are they going to bring back the Character of the Year award?
Rodrigo Seratiuk
Rodrigo Seratiuk Dia atrás
The existence of The Last of Us 2 is a crime
Mad Bartender
Mad Bartender Dia atrás
1:13 exaggerated swagger of a black teen
chris kennedy
chris kennedy Dia atrás
3 minutes in, already wanting to kill someone with how many times the last of us part 2 was said.
Als YT
Als YT Dia atrás
I can't wait to see the haters of tlou2 crying when the game is gonna win the best game of the year
Abdulmajeed Alzahrani
Abdulmajeed Alzahrani Dia atrás
The last of us game of the year
xNAMx10 Dia atrás
Ranking predictions for GOTYr: 1- Hades (Winner) 2- The last of us 2 3- Animal Crossing 4- Doom eternal 5- Ghost of Tsushima 6- FF7R Personal ranking for GOTY: 1- The last of us 2 (Winner) 2- Ghost of Tsushima 3- Doom eternal 4- Animal crossing 5- Hades 6- FF7R
Myriad Truths Go Brrr
Myriad Truths Go Brrr Dia atrás
Ah yes among us, definitely a 2020 game
G1d00 Dia atrás
we would like to nominate last of us part 2 for best fighting game of the year
Beaulah Manohar
Beaulah Manohar Dia atrás
Last of us 2
Real shadow montages
Real shadow montages Dia atrás
I can see why among us wasn’t nominated for game of the year
Dan Welsh
Dan Welsh Dia atrás
FoxyIlGamerOtto - FiGO
FoxyIlGamerOtto - FiGO 2 dias atrás
I love the part when he says "The Last of Us Part II"
ollie511 2 dias atrás
My Predictions For Game Awards: Game Of The Year- The Last of Us Part 2 Best Game Direction- Final Fantasy 7 Remake Best Narrative- The Last of Us Part 2 Best Art Direction- Ori and the Will of the Wisps Best Score and Music- Final Fantasy 7 Remake Best Audio Design- The Last of Us Part 2 Best Performance- Ashley Johnson as Ellie (Last of Us Part 2) Games For Impact- Kentucky Route Zero Best Ongoing- Fortnite Best Indie- Hades Best Mobile Game- Genshin Impact Best Community Support- Fortnite Best VR/AR- Half-Life: Alyx Innovation in Accessibility- The Last of Us Part 2 Best Action- Hades Best Action/Adventure- Ghost of Tsushima Best Role Playing- Final Fantasy 7 Remake Best Fighting- Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate Edition Best Family- Animal Crossing: New Horizons Best Sim/Strategy- Gears Tactics Best Sports/Racing- Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 Best Multiplayer- Among Us Best Debut Game- Carrion Content Creator Of The Year- Alanah Pearce Most Anticipated Game- Elden Ring
Embersparky0227 2 dias atrás
The Meme Boi
The Meme Boi 2 dias atrás
The Last of Us part 2? Best narrative? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NICE JOKE!
it r yes it r
it r yes it r 2 dias atrás
It did have the best narrative of any game this year so no, not a joke. quite deserving of the win actually
Zach Doster
Zach Doster 2 dias atrás
I'd like to kick off the list for best toaster with The last of us part 2 followed by The last of us part 2 and for the final spot on the list I'm happy to announce that it's The last of us part 2 The revenge with a new hope for more last of us part 2
Zach Doster
Zach Doster 2 dias atrás
I'm kind of surprised rainbow six siege did not get nominated for best esport game
Cortexius 1
Cortexius 1 2 dias atrás
Remember bois, awards are temporary, but Doom kinda deserves one tho.
OVO_Ann 2 dias atrás
The only thing I want last of us to win in is Best score/ Music only thing I liked about the game
Elton Murati
Elton Murati 2 dias atrás
Imagine if the last of us part 2 wins game of the year🥵
Nova 2 dias atrás
Almost everything will go to TLOU2 and I aint interested in that shit. Im not watching this woke shit. Stop using useless "journalists" to decide the games, use the players. Wanna know the best games of the year then check out steam awards and not this shit.
Milher The Phoenix Mendez
Milher The Phoenix Mendez 2 dias atrás
TLOU2 is a survival horror... But it was nominated in every category possible 😒... Even where it's don't belong 😓 This event is trash.
K Boi
K Boi 2 dias atrás
"Content creator of the year" Me: WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!
Brodiger 2 dias atrás
Animal crossing definitely has to win I’m hoping it will same with paper Mario and Pokémon cafe and Marion kart I’m excited to watch the game awards it yay 😀
Faizan Yousuf
Faizan Yousuf 2 dias atrás
Final fantasy lowkey, won't win tho cuz it's a remake
Muhammad Aliyu
Muhammad Aliyu 2 dias atrás
Why is the last of us 2 even here..
Milher The Phoenix Mendez
Milher The Phoenix Mendez 2 dias atrás
The Last of Us 2 only should win THE WORST game of the year... That trash don't belong here... This is why EVERYONE should avoid COMPLETELY the VG "press"... they are all Rigged Leftists... 🖕🏼😑🖕🏼 #GamerGate 2.0
don c
don c 18 horas atrás
🖕🖕🖕🖕 Go outside 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Trinitylimeligh 2 dias atrás
555 net
555 net 2 dias atrás
Tlou 2 is gonna be winner 2020
Ramon Reyes
Ramon Reyes 2 dias atrás
I'd be perfectly happy if Ghost of Tsushima, Hades, or Final Fantasy 7 Remake won for Game of The Year.
Ramon Reyes
Ramon Reyes 2 dias atrás
I swear this might as well be called the Last of Us Part 2 awards considering its being the shoe-in for the win for every category. There's even 2 nomination's from the same game which goes to show Judge's really want us to vote for that game. It would've been fair if they had one performance from each game so other more deserving voice actors got the love they need. Getting annoyed here.
The FOOD Slayer
The FOOD Slayer 2 dias atrás
TheHayate89 2 dias atrás
The last of us 2, final fantasy 7 remake, Doom i ghost of Tsushima. Trzymam kciuki.
Joshua Bustamante
Joshua Bustamante 2 dias atrás
Ugh fartnite are in the best ongoing game bruh
ShinKamaitachi 2 dias atrás
How in the f*ck did LoU 2 win, because the story was bland, and the narrative was a total crap. Ghost of tsushima should've won game of the year.
it r yes it r
it r yes it r 2 dias atrás
story was amazing. ghost of tushima is not even the 2nd best game on this list.
Victor Ayala
Victor Ayala 2 dias atrás
Came here to dislike
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