Custom Lamborghini vs. Tesla Race!! 🚘🚗 - Winner Keeps Car | ZHC

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Custom Lamborghini Vs Tesla Race - Winner Keeps Car
Thanks to Michelle and Rug for Participating!
@ FaZeRug
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ZHC 16 dias atrás
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Ayan agayaev
Ayan agayaev 15 dias atrás
Bor hi
Iván Cruz
Iván Cruz 15 dias atrás
@UCwa-i5_JYXotWdTx9WxGRZQ me
Jerome jaison
Jerome jaison 15 dias atrás
Love u ZHC
omar Al mais
omar Al mais 15 dias atrás
Kanmani Muthu
Kanmani Muthu 15 dias atrás
@rxgerr you are a genitic doctor I guess
Amira a
Amira a 10 minutos atrás
i really want to win this for my three siblings and myself. But if you dont have enough for all four of us then just get three for my siblings.
Rabitun Khatun
Rabitun Khatun 23 minutos atrás
I am so proud on michelle❤❤❤❤
JustBeingMe 26 minutos atrás
Can u pick me I been watching u since last year I really wanna win something pls.
Fatma Jobeur
Fatma Jobeur 28 minutos atrás
love that you help the people that needs help that's very nice of you how things I'm right like this comment
Taylor Anderson
Taylor Anderson 31 minuto atrás
i love this channel even though i dont have a electronic i still support u guys and i love how talented u guys are
Soldierblade Prashandt
Soldierblade Prashandt 35 minutos atrás
I think you should customise a tv
Rohit Raj
Rohit Raj 36 minutos atrás
100 years later: NASA landed on a customized moon.
Zul LEGEND 52 minutos atrás
Diego Miranda
Diego Miranda 57 minutos atrás
I can't be the only one who misses his old videos
TJD Neven
TJD Neven Hora atrás
Mr Beast art
Clarice Lesmes
Clarice Lesmes Hora atrás
Hello mr. Z can I ask for a laptop I will be using it for our online class
Karston Kalenga
Karston Kalenga Hora atrás
I don't wont a shout out
Karston Kalenga
Karston Kalenga Hora atrás
I have a notebook of donut drips,turkey,scrunche,and bun bun
fluffy epic
fluffy epic Hora atrás
This is mrbeast but not with chandler :c
sarcastic shakespeare
sarcastic shakespeare Hora atrás
You gotta work on your thumbnail mate! It's getting old 🙂
Amaia Fowler
Amaia Fowler Hora atrás
You are so taLENTED
Koh Chiew Woon
Koh Chiew Woon 2 horas atrás
I sub
baba himadri 1432
baba himadri 1432 2 horas atrás
Now he is giving money to subscribe
Steved2 2 horas atrás
Hey ZHC I dare you to draw Godzilla
Ruth Pamatatau
Ruth Pamatatau 2 horas atrás
Do you pay to join
Christian Crisostomo
Christian Crisostomo 2 horas atrás
Hiii watching from Philippines
MUHAMMAD NISHAL 3 horas atrás
Hai man can you please help me I have requested on your Instagram Please reply
Aj group1
Aj group1 3 horas atrás
Steve Austin
Steve Austin 3 horas atrás
i am a great fan of zhc . even i have a youtube channel . its name is Steve And Harvey Austin . please subscribe and keep making videos
MIX agus
MIX agus 3 horas atrás
Nino Kefaloudis
Nino Kefaloudis 3 horas atrás
Give me 1000 dollars I dare you . I bet my life you won't...
raptor _livinglarge
raptor _livinglarge 4 horas atrás
I've been subed for around 1 ina half years and I'm not noticed by zhc please reply🙏😔
jlw 4 horas atrás
How to make zhc videos = mrbeast videos + customisation = zhc videos
Aditya Raj Bose
Aditya Raj Bose 4 horas atrás
I want a car for a like :)
Gooseberry Panda
Gooseberry Panda 5 horas atrás
Your videos are literally AMAZInG and yeah I hope you guys have a great day!
OXY 5 horas atrás
Coco Gaming
Coco Gaming 5 horas atrás
Zhc I wanna ask that are u Asia if so.... 你好!haha, I am Chinese.
Milky art 21
Milky art 21 5 horas atrás
Who misses vexx in ZHC's videos? If so then 👇🏼
Kaitlyn wright
Kaitlyn wright 5 horas atrás
One conclusion, the longer he takes to upload a video, the more epic it is.
Banana_Bob09 Roblox
Banana_Bob09 Roblox 6 horas atrás
This is just a mrbeast channel but an asian ownes it
ganta vijaya
ganta vijaya 6 horas atrás
I like the lambo
Bernice Ochuba
Bernice Ochuba 6 horas atrás
shai maryles
shai maryles 6 horas atrás
we want a vido
googal A
googal A 6 horas atrás