ROOM MAKEOVER // my tiny studio + room tour (2019)

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Skillshare class I used in this video:
------- furniture -------
+ shelves: us: / uk:
+ desks: us: / uk:
+ bamboo shelf: us: - / uk:
+ circle shelves: us: / uk:
+ plant stand: us: / uk:
+ curtains: us: / uk:
+ armchair: us: / uk:
+ storage unit for computer: us: / uk:
+ desk chair: wayfair
+ mirror: tk maxx
+ door: wayfair
+ monitor wall mount: us: - / uk:
------- decorations -------
*if it’s not listed, it means either I got it from Tk Maxx and/or I can’t find a link*
+ LED strips: us: / uk:
+ rug: wayfair: uk:
+ elephant lamp: dunelm
+ armchair pillow: h&m home:
+ back rest pillow: dunelm
+ knobs: ikea, tk maxx, anthropologie
+ lantern (top shelf): us: / uk:
*most plants and pots are from ikea or tk maxx*
------- camera gear -------
+ drone - DJI Mavic Air - us: / uk:
+ canon 77D - us: / uk:
+ canon 18-55mm kit lens - us: / uk:
+ canon 50mm f/1.8 lens - us: / uk:
+ editing: Adobe Premiere Pro
------- where else to find me -------
+ blog:
+ instagram:
+ facebook:
------- music -------
Music from Epidemic Sound
*Amazon links are affiliate.
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Aquí Andamos
Aquí Andamos 11 horas atrás
Where can I find the little plant shelf?
okay, bye
okay, bye 4 dias atrás
It seems like a jungle to me sorry 🙂
Wera's Dapur
Wera's Dapur 6 dias atrás
Jamylou Anne Rhiz
Jamylou Anne Rhiz 6 dias atrás
Elizabeth Ellis
Elizabeth Ellis 7 dias atrás
What blinds did you hang to diffuse the window light? Ikea? Thanks
Marta Vega
Marta Vega 8 dias atrás
I find the decoration a bit excessive and like this trying too hard pinteredt aesthethic
Chelbee Negeli
Chelbee Negeli 15 dias atrás
Love it, simple but elegant and not so expensive, thnks for the tips
Joshua Quintanilla
Joshua Quintanilla 17 dias atrás
Who else watched this more than once??
Soona Sabro
Soona Sabro 18 dias atrás
Does anybody know any cute plant hangers?
Loubaina Peer
Loubaina Peer 19 dias atrás
Bravo. Well done 👍 🙂
Sarito 19 dias atrás
This was a really beautiful and inspiring video. The music, the editing, the work, everything I enjoyed. Great job! Worth the effort. I can't say it enough. I can't believe 1.4k dislikes, though... wtf?
Mair Costa
Mair Costa 20 dias atrás
you did that!
ameleeia vlogs
ameleeia vlogs 22 dias atrás
Wow I love it! Great job💚 I made a small room makeover vid too but this is great!! Thank u for the inspo💚
Akari Wu
Akari Wu 22 dias atrás
10:52 If you want the headphone holder to look "cuter" you can wrap it with washi tape :D
Monique Lehnhardt
Monique Lehnhardt 22 dias atrás
Very nice room. I’m not a fan of IKEA since I prefer to buy vintage furniture that’s generally better constructed of solid wood. But this looks very pretty.
Queenosaurus 23 dias atrás
your room is sooo pretty! 😍 Please let me know which font you've used in the thumbnail of this video & which program has it 💛
Coco B.
Coco B. 24 dias atrás
Phantastische Ideen für meine neue Wohnung. Und ich liebe die Aussprache und Stimme! Sehr entspannendes Video ;-)
tr delhi
tr delhi 25 dias atrás
such a beautiful work place.. Like you ♥
Eccomi 26 dias atrás
why the radiator not be right underneath the window REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Beaulah Bhakre
Beaulah Bhakre 26 dias atrás
No couch or bed?
MyLifeinaBullet 26 dias atrás
This was just my workplace, not my bedroom as well :)
Rashmi Chatiyar
Rashmi Chatiyar 26 dias atrás
Awesome mam
Dirty R
Dirty R 27 dias atrás
7:58 song playing I want that song link
Jill Ojango
Jill Ojango 27 dias atrás
i cant imagine u did everything by have taught me that i can do anything if i put my mind on it..the drawing too
Homebuyer Advisor
Homebuyer Advisor 27 dias atrás
SHAFI ALAM 28 dias atrás
Your video is so delightful and aesthetic... Keep it up😉😉
WATCH ME! 29 dias atrás
Audrey Macaraeg
Audrey Macaraeg Mês atrás
Are we not going to talk about how she didn't use a ruler for that line drawing?! she's so good!
E SHOP Solid Wood Furniture
E SHOP Solid Wood Furniture Mês atrás
iHanna Mês atrás
What a lovely room, can you come make mine too? 💕😊😀
Arun Kalyan
Arun Kalyan Mês atrás
nado jamalalmassa.
nado jamalalmassa. Mês atrás
Wow wow wow..... Wow👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻🌹
Heather Davison
Heather Davison Mês atrás
Vishnu Priya
Vishnu Priya Mês atrás
Recent I saw lots of room makeover but this one is just perfect 👍
karen deruyter
karen deruyter Mês atrás
You are so good!!💥
Xavier Maczko
Xavier Maczko Mês atrás
yk, ur supposed to use your video card as a video output not your motherboard...
Nayeema Rashid
Nayeema Rashid Mês atrás
Girl you have beautiful pots for plants, in so many numbers!!!
Anganique Richardson
Anganique Richardson Mês atrás
💪🏾💪🏾 girl the fact that you did all of this with no help shout out to you. The room came out amazing.
HuDa M
HuDa M Mês atrás
Amazing 👍❤😍
Tanya De Leon
Tanya De Leon Mês atrás
Looks like a mini jungle. Love it!
Jessica Leslie-byrn
Jessica Leslie-byrn Mês atrás
I really love those round shelves you have for the wall plants but can't find them:(