Dave Brubeck live 64'/66' - Jazz Icons DVD

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Terminal Passage

Terminal Passage

9 meses atrás

Live in Belgium 1964
1. St Louis Blues - 00:13 - 08:34
2. Koto Song - 08:35 - 14:35
3. Three to Get Ready 14:37 - 18:52
4. In your own sweet way 18:53 - 25:01
5. Take Five - 25:02 - 32:24
Live in Germany 1966
6. Take the A train - 32:35 - 42:22
7. 40 days - 42:26 - 48:32
8. I´m in a Dancing Mood 48:50 - 51:45
9. Koto Song (Live 1966) 51:51 - 59:50
10. Take Five ( Live 1966) 59:54 - 1:05:07

Dave Brubeck - piano
Paul Desmond - alto saxophone
Eugene Wright - double bass
Joe Morello - drums

Eric 3 horas atrás
those nerdies are hot AF :)
Noam Pitlik
Noam Pitlik 6 horas atrás
A bunch of science teachers playing jazz.
Gardika Gigih
Gardika Gigih Dia atrás
Paul Desmond feels like a spiritual monk here
Gardika Gigih
Gardika Gigih Dia atrás
caciopeia Dia atrás
49:13 brshow.info/watch/JyLocMuwCYw/video.html
hairnsap Dia atrás
These cats had insane internal clocks ! Excellent upload, thanks
joao Dia atrás
marry someone who looks at you the way dave brubeck looks at paul desmond
fia-lisa sandberg
fia-lisa sandberg 2 dias atrás
what music sounds like angels hope heaven and god play this heavenly music thank you
lux hard winter
lux hard winter 2 dias atrás
Joe Morello was a supercool drummer from outer space !!! Pure Gold.
Fcc Ccf
Fcc Ccf 2 dias atrás
Super LEGEND'S !!!
freaklipe fractal
freaklipe fractal 2 dias atrás
Thank you ! Excellent channel ,greting from Chile!
charles johnson
charles johnson 3 dias atrás
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Vladimir Lukov
Vladimir Lukov 3 dias atrás
Harmony in the air!
Sofiel D'lpino
Sofiel D'lpino 3 dias atrás
Sublime nítido y un súper gusto este concierto. Waooo!!
Annie Naudin
Annie Naudin 3 dias atrás
Je le découvre "monkien" sur Take a Train. Son solo est magnifique !
Boris Sopyanov
Boris Sopyanov 3 dias atrás
Великие музыканты !!!
gavrilo pricip
gavrilo pricip 3 dias atrás
pure genius (was he the first to have a top 40 hit from the instrumental jazz world ?)
Lisa Tahara
Lisa Tahara 3 dias atrás
Love this!!
Carl Garrett
Carl Garrett 3 dias atrás
Surely there are more than two songs in this video...what am I missing?
Terminal Passage
Terminal Passage 3 dias atrás
Hmm, it looks like one song got blocked in Denmark, but the rest says it's just monetized by SME so it should be viewable still.
Richard Brogan
Richard Brogan 3 dias atrás
adinson reyes
adinson reyes 4 dias atrás
Universe 4 dias atrás
The best of the best, top!
Miguel Urdaci
Miguel Urdaci 5 dias atrás
1964!!!! Wow. The film editor and cameras were miles ahead of most of today's music video crews. I suppose they knew about music ... you can stick your technology where you like, if you don't know your music, you can't film it.
Dexxter 5 dias atrás
32:51 What a civilized looking audience. I love the music. This is the type of jazz I like.
Jesse Lee
Jesse Lee 5 dias atrás
Thank you for sharing such a great contribution to music. Fell in love with it tonight...again.
pierre picot
pierre picot 5 dias atrás
HARG !!!! the c.nougaro track's ...a pure beauty
pierre picot
pierre picot 5 dias atrás
thank for memory with summertime sound's ;take five roads for the heaven gates
Eivind Rockland
Eivind Rockland 5 dias atrás
51:51 Paul's solo after the short build up must be among the finest balsam to the ears. So tender and sensitive, even he's playing "out of rhythm". Pure class.
Alpaca Bowl
Alpaca Bowl 5 dias atrás
Awesome stuff. Funny to jam all dressed for church.
Al Lugo
Al Lugo 5 dias atrás
Thanks for the upload shit was dope af
Gerardo Gonzalez
Gerardo Gonzalez 5 dias atrás
Manoel Júnior
Manoel Júnior 5 dias atrás
Maravilhoso isso. Tooooop !!!!
Jan Kowalski
Jan Kowalski 6 dias atrás
1964 - lol - forever
George Washington
George Washington 6 dias atrás
OMG, How does Jazz enthusiast loves "Take five" so much that you need to put it twice in such video ?
Irving Shunt
Irving Shunt 6 dias atrás
Wow!! Golden brown deep fake!
they live we sleep
they live we sleep 6 dias atrás
So smooth
Andy Pitchless
Andy Pitchless 7 dias atrás
MrBrodatyrumcajs 7 dias atrás
Dave watches each musician playing main role at the moment. I couldn't stand the pressure
Koen van Vliet
Koen van Vliet 7 dias atrás
42:30 the lick
achimhausg 7 dias atrás
Whatta smart drummer!
nanana 7 dias atrás
simply perfect, Fernando Trueba approves
Tintoycar 8 dias atrás
The dislikes must like music for the brainless.
Lance Skinner
Lance Skinner 8 dias atrás
Definition of 'smooth' in Webster's dictionary; "Paul Desmond on sax....."
Harrison Hunter
Harrison Hunter 8 dias atrás
This sounds like Xmas music to me, great upload.
Melissa 8 dias atrás
Perfect thanks so much for uploading!! I’ll be saving this for the next time one overthinking things or panicking. Just slip away in this instead.
Aliens Producciones
Aliens Producciones 8 dias atrás
2020 yeahh!!! old time!!!!
HarvestOfSounds 9 dias atrás
42:30 - Adam Neely's lick!
Raul Fuertes
Raul Fuertes 9 dias atrás
Oh my God!!!!!!!! .....a lot pleasure!!!!!!!!
Raul Fuertes
Raul Fuertes 9 dias atrás
Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!! .......thank you so much !!!!!!!!!
MrJason005 9 dias atrás
*The* definition of cool
Summerland 9 dias atrás
Wonderful, thank you.
Gabriela Pandolfo
Gabriela Pandolfo 9 dias atrás
Karin Junker
Karin Junker 10 dias atrás
Just stopped by to take a taste . . . but, effortlessly stayed to the very end . . . even before breakfast ;o) THANK you !
Marie Anne Celtic woman
Marie Anne Celtic woman 8 dias atrás
Backbeat pushes the direction and those chords. Zowie!
Marie Anne Celtic woman
Marie Anne Celtic woman 8 dias atrás
Feelin' it.
malcomlovejoy 8 dias atrás
you to?
Stanislas BURDEL
Stanislas BURDEL 10 dias atrás
Splendide ..... Que dire de ... Plus ????
Unconditionally Guaranteed
Unconditionally Guaranteed 10 dias atrás
Brubeck's playing on Koto Song reminds me of John Cage's piano works.
Gardika Gigih
Gardika Gigih Dia atrás
yeaa, its an amazing composition!
Unconditionally Guaranteed
Unconditionally Guaranteed 10 dias atrás
This is a gem.
Spencer Doidge
Spencer Doidge 10 dias atrás
The sound of Paul Desmond playing alto saxophone has never been successfully imitated to my knowledge. I knew one or two unknown alto players who did their best and sounded good in their own right. Desmond was in their soul, but he wouldn't share that sound. I wouldn't either if I were him.
ackalert 8 dias atrás
That"s why he is always instantly recognizable.
Simon Bakker
Simon Bakker 9 dias atrás
I do as good as I can, but Desmond is a miracle, isn't he? But why should we play like he does? No one can. His improvisations are directly from heaven..😉
The Stupid will Inherit the Earth
The Stupid will Inherit the Earth 10 dias atrás
Tone like butter dripping off a hot biscuit!
Leo Lima
Leo Lima 10 dias atrás
Crack Neto toca demais. Vai Corinthians
mysteryloaf 10 dias atrás
So much interesting rhythmic stuff just in the first 5 minutes. Morello's comping is just so lyrical and articulate, and around 4:03 Brubeck starts messing with his rhythmic feel really hard which forces Morello to really hold his groove down even harder and let Brubeck play with the rhythmic tension more freely... and then just a few bars later they're trading off-beat horn section-like accents, and then Brubeck goes all triplet mode and ascends in block chords for a bit as they lead into the bass solo, bringing that dynamic way down... and THEN the drum solo. Just a spectacular performance. These guys really raised the bar, despite being seen somewhat as the "smoother, more accessible" side of the equation. The Goode Shyte.
they live we sleep
they live we sleep 6 dias atrás
Yeah what he said
mysteryloaf 8 dias atrás
@Jibba Jabba Sorry you hate music jibba
Jibba Jabba
Jibba Jabba 9 dias atrás
It's the internet dude.. you ain't gonna get laid.
AMIROUCHE STEEG 11 dias atrás
Wes Montgomery live 1965
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