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Watch the most unforgettable auditions that got the GOLDEN BUZZER on America's Got Talent. Which do you think was the best golden buzzer audition?? Let us know in the comments below...
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Tatum Soto
Tatum Soto 20 minutos atrás
I cry everytime they get a golden buzzer haha
Aarya Shinde
Aarya Shinde 42 minutos atrás
getting a golden buzzer from simon is literally like touching the sky it is so damn hard to impress him
AlvesH12 Hora atrás
When ken jeong smilled. I felt that
Fabio Stefano Marchione
Fabio Stefano Marchione 3 horas atrás
Omg So Amazing Truly Wonderful Unexpected For Sure
Elp ida
Elp ida 3 horas atrás
I started ukulele because of grace YOW I LOVE HER VERY MUCHH
Games With Grace
Games With Grace 4 horas atrás
First Girl: **Shy** Umm...yes... **Starts singing** OWOWOWOWOWO
EXKRILITY 9 horas atrás
Jesse Geyer
Jesse Geyer 10 horas atrás
Ketterer has a great soul but wasn't super impressed with his singing tbh
Ty Ty Baby
Ty Ty Baby 11 horas atrás
At this point in life all I can do is watch this AGAIN and cry 🥴🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
_liz _
_liz _ 12 horas atrás
I’m not crying, you ARE !! 😩😭
_liz _
_liz _ 12 horas atrás
I am so happy for other people’s success 🤍
방탄소년단 13 horas atrás
I have to say all the performances are so wonderfullllllllll ❤️
Stxrry Stxphxnie
Stxrry Stxphxnie 14 horas atrás
Ive never forgotten Darci Lynn 😌
Stxrry Stxphxnie
Stxrry Stxphxnie 14 horas atrás
Idek why but sometimes i feel like auditioning but in the future xd
Grady Batson
Grady Batson 15 horas atrás
There r 34k dislikes I didn’t know 34k people clean up the golden buzzer stuff
Eduarda Azevedo
Eduarda Azevedo 15 horas atrás
8:21 What is the name of the song?
Mark Cinque
Mark Cinque 16 horas atrás
Alright Tommy ,0:11
Ignacio valenzuela
Ignacio valenzuela 16 horas atrás
Sólo en dos palabras, extraordinarios y maravillosos
meriem mary
meriem mary 17 horas atrás
It's 2 am feeling Lost in my life nd instead of trying to find my own path I'm here watching other people success and cry
L.A. F.
L.A. F. 19 horas atrás
Courtney...something ripped a tear in the universe.
oscar garcia
oscar garcia 22 horas atrás
harreglen los suptitulos o quitenlos (español i español latino) ninguno funciona.
fluffy shadows
fluffy shadows 22 horas atrás
this. this is just heartwarming. i love it.
justiz rybi
justiz rybi 23 horas atrás
The first girls demon was like : nahh lemme dance
Дмитрий Волынский
Дмитрий Волынский 23 horas atrás
Я люблю этого китайца
James B.
James B. 23 horas atrás
I’ll never buy anything that interrupts performances instead of putting the commercials between performances. Promise
rasclaath Marley
rasclaath Marley 23 horas atrás
josh wolf
B B Dia atrás
Simon more respectfully
Kay Em
Kay Em Dia atrás
Disappointing with the puppet show and the little guitar girl.
jeff wen
jeff wen Dia atrás
The Italian guy is Mike from SING
Alter Bug
Alter Bug Dia atrás
I Love red girl who loses hearing, so we call it MUSIC.. Really smart girl ever..& really luv SIMON #1, who ever known HUMAN RACE..
2011yourlife Dia atrás
To the person that reads this, I ask the Lord to bless them and their family, to cure them of every sickness and pain, to fill their emptiness with love joy and peace, to rebuke the enemy from their lives. " ASK JESUS TO COME INTO YOUR HEART AND SAVE YOU, AND TO FORGIVE YOU OF YOUR SINS, FOR WE GIVE THANKS AND GLORY TO THE LORD. IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AMEN!
Karen Gutierrez
Karen Gutierrez Dia atrás
47:38 the little boy crying probably bc hes so emotional MADE ME SOBBBB
CaliGirl TVLLC
CaliGirl TVLLC Dia atrás
Came on here cause I was feeling a little down.
Lissette Peric
Lissette Peric Dia atrás
¿Alguien me podrá dar los nombres de la canciones por favor?
김인엽 Dia atrás
Kill point 8:47
Viyodshi Is depressed
Viyodshi Is depressed Dia atrás
Even her brother cried for her. That was so cute!!
Ivan Bongo
Ivan Bongo Dia atrás
The first girl she’s absolutely impressive 😳😳😳
Adrian Montengero
Adrian Montengero Dia atrás
It’s currently one am
Viih souza
Viih souza Dia atrás
Chorei em tds.
Fadli Azis Darmansyah
Fadli Azis Darmansyah Dia atrás
American singing talent
Zirkle KAIDEN Dia atrás
The first one was like she went form 12 too 24 like omg
Ajay Pratheepan
Ajay Pratheepan Dia atrás
C koi le titre de la 1ère music svp
Lissa Di
Lissa Di Dia atrás
мне нравится что русские субтитры как бы есть но их как бы нет
Movie KH168
Movie KH168 2 dias atrás
The man with 6 children why has 1 black?
I Don't Deserve Subs
I Don't Deserve Subs 2 dias atrás
Their will always be a piece of my heart for Darci Lynn ❤️
DEVI GAZ AGENCY 2 dias atrás
The little girl was amazing
proto_7 2 dias atrás
tiktok ruined the song from grace
Kanga Ralte
Kanga Ralte 2 dias atrás
We are not professional ...omg what will professional do 🤨
Maleda B
Maleda B 2 dias atrás
The first girl is the definition of uno reverse card
Natcar360 2 dias atrás
everyone chillin till Seimon stands up. Hehe...
jean mckinlay
jean mckinlay 2 dias atrás
you know they're god damn good when simon stands up and claps
Janet Glenn
Janet Glenn 2 dias atrás
I sit in my bed and watch talented people and I realized i have no talent
Jarek dralus
Jarek dralus 2 dias atrás
First girl hmmm kurwa the best
조영민 3 dias atrás
Sad almost all the golden buzzers are for singers and dancers......
César Berth
César Berth 3 dias atrás
Er loopt nog veel talent rond op deze wereld super
0stmackaa 3 dias atrás
why is the kid at 47:36 crying?
Rita Rice
Rita Rice 3 dias atrás
The act where they were dressed in camouflage and were throwing people around like beach balls was the high light of my day 😊
Squarp 3 dias atrás
this gives me chills
cellendhyl05 3 dias atrás
The third one as nothing special, let's be honest...
Luana Montenegro
Luana Montenegro 3 dias atrás
Todo los cometarios en inglés. Jajajaja
Kayanne Wagner
Kayanne Wagner 3 dias atrás
E eu com o português hashuashuashuashua