Trump Attacks Fauci As COVID Cases Spike

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Jimmy tells the mysterious story of a bird that pooped on his door, the Dodgers advance to the World Series, and Trump goes to church in Vegas, attacks Dr.Fauci despite using him in his ads, debates what he's going to do if he loses, Kirstie Allie tweets her support, Trump is expected to have to pay back $900 million dollars in loans, a very handsome edition of Drunk Donald Trump, and since he is so concerned about dishwashers, it would seem Trump’s backup plan for the next four years might be in the world of household appliance and repair.
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Thebe Bashaleebee
Thebe Bashaleebee Dia atrás
It is still surreal that that whatever actually became president of the US. We could say it was a fluke, but don't forget 70 MILLION US people actually voted for him for a 2nd term. It's like they all were body snatched by comedic aliens to mess with humans. Craziest MOFO thing I've seen in my 61 years of life.
V C 7 dias atrás
great headline
Ed Rod
Ed Rod 8 dias atrás
What did Rex Tillerson call him again,,,,?
Ron Krikorian
Ron Krikorian 9 dias atrás
FIRE Fauci!!!! Greetings from Australia
Diep Huynh
Diep Huynh 9 dias atrás
NIKET PARIKH 11 dias atrás
Joke aside now it is time for trump to out of white house now
Treefolk Hero
Treefolk Hero 15 dias atrás
Take Trump to jail! Lol “what if I lose?” lol
Tim Beckman
Tim Beckman 16 dias atrás
Donald is all dressed up with nowhere to go
Jay M
Jay M 17 dias atrás
Kim Lake
Kim Lake 18 dias atrás
Listen at 3:59. I can’t be the only one who hears the woman yelling “you’re going to lose” in the background. Lmfao. And she was right
You Know Crime Don't Pay
You Know Crime Don't Pay 18 dias atrás
True, Crime don't pay!
Hossam Azzouz
Hossam Azzouz 19 dias atrás
the video is in reverse, never took jimmy kimmel for such a dirt bag
aorbeavers2013 25 dias atrás
he lost to the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics
Tanner Plummer
Tanner Plummer 25 dias atrás
11:41 Handy Don! His new occupation! LOL
crystalheart9 25 dias atrás
tRump: Can you imagine if I lose? Biden: Yes I can!
seyed ruzaik
seyed ruzaik 26 dias atrás
Like trump said he just lost to the worst candidate in the history
Tanner Plummer
Tanner Plummer 27 dias atrás
Well now that he lost we know what he’s gonna do now lol
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 29 dias atrás
I cant stop laughing. Hilarious. The truth hurts.
Jessica Vega
Jessica Vega Mês atrás
This is the best, funnest video! 😂🤣 Love you Jimmy Kimmel show 💕
Elina Alexander
Elina Alexander Mês atrás
Sarah Aronson
Sarah Aronson Mês atrás
Jimmy always make me laugh🤣 especially when he goes after Donny 😅😅💀
Water Gate
Water Gate Mês atrás
Whoever turns the last 4 years into a movie, will be a very rich national hero!
dnlybuff_steve Mês atrás
That's a rewind
Cops Intimidate Witness Torture Human Embezzlement
Cops Intimidate Witness Torture Human Embezzlement Mês atrás
Ding-a-ping-a-posies A pocket full of dozies A set-up, a set-up They all went down!! The king has sent his daughter To fetch a wallet of greenbacks A set-up, a set-up They all went down!!! The robin with the steeple Is singing to the sheeple A set-up, a set-up They all went down!!! The wedding bells stopped ringing The boys and girls are crying A set-up, a set-up They all went down!! Got Shackles??
Mays Painting
Mays Painting Mês atrás
Please have Fauci, Blago, and Shapiro on together at the temple. Saw you do the one with Matt, so we know it can be done.
Aaron yosef Shapiro
Aaron yosef Shapiro Mês atrás
Trump never talks that way he edited the video I saw the original video jimmy kimball is a lier
Kanal 1
Kanal 1 Mês atrás
Trump rules!
Leanne Purcell
Leanne Purcell Mês atrás
LOL. I was the 475,382 caller. (Or something like that)
Dustin Congello
Dustin Congello Mês atrás
LOL. He likes to call her first lady instead of third wife .. that was a good one.
Pancu Daniel
Pancu Daniel Mês atrás
Shut up Jimmy :)) Trump will win :D
Enc ayr
Enc ayr 20 dias atrás
This comment aged like milk.
SadSayori Mês atrás
Second Amendment to the United States Constitution - "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Fundamentally what created our country was out ability as a people to rise against the government as they become tyrannical in nature. . The Second Amendment IS the voice of the people, with no Second Amendment there is no First. Without even considering the empirical data, and self defense arguments which have merit of their own, it allows the people the option of non-compliance to Government which without, is forfeit. If you disagree with Government or Politics, the 2nd Amendment is the right of the PEOPLE. I may have been born in Korea, but I was raised American, Protect the FREE PEOPLE. .
hesediel Mês atrás
Ok but does kimmel nave other arguments? Or only something against trump? What a boring
capo mdf
capo mdf Mês atrás
hahahahahhahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 psycho
Saifullah A. Qureshi
Saifullah A. Qureshi Mês atrás
Call Trump a clown or whatever ya’ll want but you won’t get a president like him ever again..Trump is the best , Trump 2020
Palma Daniels
Palma Daniels Mês atrás
Kimmel is an A HOLE
samantha piola deverling
samantha piola deverling Mês atrás
I wanna watch this video all day
Henry Roberts
Henry Roberts Mês atrás
When is this fool not talking about Trump I swear it’s an obsession for them, they can’t stop themselves for throwing jabs at each other all the time, want change in the US stop talk show hosts who try and hook you with emotions and try to make u vote for who they want...
Stefán Atli Jakobsson
Stefán Atli Jakobsson Mês atrás
Hahaha, were you born yesterday. It was the same thing Bush was the president. Every talk show hosts were constantly talking about him when he was the president. So this is no special conspiracy against Trump.
Mystro84 Mês atrás
"I'll have lost to the worst candidate in history". I mean that's just unnecessarily rubbing it in for Hillary Clinton, isn't it? He's also passed an Executive Order this week to cripple the civil service so a Biden government can't function. I mean sure it'll create a massive economic depression, undermine national defence, and effectively destroy the US government both domestically and internationally for decades to come but hey: at least the GOP will have the last laugh, right?
Aquin Febrisio
Aquin Febrisio Mês atrás
BLACK 4EVER Mês atrás
He is a demon!
Luciria Morrigan
Luciria Morrigan Mês atrás
He reversed a clip of President Trump giving money to a collection plate, which is actually against BRshow’s rules because it’s “manipulated video.” Then he said: “he pulled the old switcharoo on Jesus. Hahaha, Donald Trump likes money, so he is taking money, because of capitalism. hahaha.” He slowed down a clip of Trump talking as well. Which again - violation of BRshow policy.
greg watson
greg watson Mês atrás
There has never been a man made virus in the history of the world until 9 months ago. Could someone with some common sense please reply to this. IS IT A HOAX OR A MAN MADE VIRUS? Comments plz.
Taffer Mês atrás
This guy is cringe
hisxmark Mês atrás
Further and further down the rabbit hole...
Shawn Knapp
Shawn Knapp Mês atrás
You should go to jail
Danny Danny
Danny Danny Mês atrás
1 +
mmmoroi Moroi
mmmoroi Moroi Mês atrás
Fauci is one vital part of the Swamp to be Drained.
tiprunner Mês atrás
Bye bye you crazy one termer.
White Makes Right
White Makes Right Mês atrás
Jimmy Kimmel isn't funny, and corporate "entertainment" is soulless.
ARAV Mês atrás
I used to watch Jimmy show often. But after ABC became so biased on election and didn't even spoke about NY post article about Joe Biden, I was really shocked. A Bad media will never serve the people. It has to be transparent and treat both the participants fairly
Hamza Dibal
Hamza Dibal Mês atrás
1:57 my whole life changed with the help of, *e z g o o d p a y .c o m*
Leo Peregrino
Leo Peregrino Mês atrás
How can Jimmy be so underrated handsome man? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
The Ultimate Reductionist
The Ultimate Reductionist Mês atrás
I challenge ANY of these self-identifying "rebels" (like Kirstie Alley) to come out publicly and tweet that they vote for Howie Hawkins (Green) or Charlie Kam (Transhumanist) or Socialist & Liberation Party or Libertarian or assert publicly they are anarchists & refuse to vote.
The Ultimate Reductionist
The Ultimate Reductionist Mês atrás
The Ultimate Reductionist
The Ultimate Reductionist Mês atrás
To say a dog turd would be better than Trump or Biden would be an understatement. Yes, we all know, the entire world knows, that ANYBODY would be better than Trump or Biden. That ANYBODY or ANYTHING would be better than a republicunt or democrap. But, there exists ZERO LOGICAL REASON to vote for just ANYBODY, to settle for just ANYBODY, when you can vote for & put into office the TRULY GREAT: Greens & Transhumanists (and some other political parties).
The Ultimate Reductionist
The Ultimate Reductionist Mês atrás
I am PROUDLY a PRO-WAR Green, militant Antinatalist Pro-BirthStriker Animal Rights Vegan Atheist Mathist PhD Mathematician. Only maximizing fairness & justice & minimizing suffering matters. MANDATE VASECTOMIES & MANDATE ABORTIONS & OUTLAW BREEDING until you make life perfectly fair.
The Ultimate Reductionist
The Ultimate Reductionist Mês atrás
To all Americans: VOTE HOWIE HAWKINS / ANGELA N WALKER for POTUS/VP 2020. Green Party USA! or Charlie Kam / Liz Parrish U.S. Transhumanist Party for POTUS/VP 2020! Make the White House Green or Transhumanist in 2021! You can't blame Greens, Transhumanists, Marxists, Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, or Libertarians. They're not the ones in power.
MrTunes Mês atrás
Why do they no longer say died with cv?, but now say cases?
Jarred Smith
Jarred Smith Mês atrás
Jimmy Kimmel is pure trash for talking s about Trump cause he is one of the best presidents we had in a long time and I am unsucribing that prick from my BRshow account.
Just Bee
Just Bee Mês atrás
Can't believe people in comments are pursuaded by this paid guy who edits to twist the truth.
Just Bee
Just Bee Mês atrás
This show as well as Jimmy Fa. Is owned by ABC and NBC, they conrtact their Hosts. ABC and NBC ran by the Roberts family a long line of Monopoly and planned curruption. These guys were paid to act. Who knows how brainwashed they became after the coke usage as well
Moli Calbay
Moli Calbay Mês atrás
1:11 love this momment
Steve Macintyre
Steve Macintyre Mês atrás
>he's going to jail You know who else should go to jail, jimmy? People who fly on the loli express.
drewtopia 1979
drewtopia 1979 Mês atrás
Trump 2020
Scott Childers
Scott Childers Mês atrás
Wow. Talk about censoring your public’s comments. With his celebrity status, he can put out a video with his own feelings and political stance by posting a video of his kid. However, the comments are always turned off to ensure no one can respond to what his message in said video. I never really liked him in the first place and I really think even less of him now.
Coldsteel99 Mês atrás
You're a good doggie Kimmel, keep spreading the lies and fear for your handlers.... I don't want to hear another word about "the virus" when the CDC posts they have yet to identify it and also post the PCR test does NOT test for the virus. It's on there website right now in our face.
Brian Rodman
Brian Rodman Mês atrás
My god that dishwasher rant is like something you’d be subjected to by some coked out dude while standing in line for the bathroom at a bar or a concert.
Yoshi Mês atrás
@4:09, YOU GO TO JAIL! hahaha
Neil Miner
Neil Miner Mês atrás
Jimmy seen video yr wife made....moved to Canada with your family,we will take care of you and your family for free,hope everything works out for your son ,yourself and your wife
Jay Fin
Jay Fin Mês atrás
Too scared to turn the comments on for the debates? Obviously you have chosen a side.
atotheg1991 Mês atrás
The morons who are fake-laughing in the background need to laugh more genuinely or find a new job.
{•___•} Mês atrás
Politics are the world’s stage, people. Wake up. None of it is real. It’s distracting you from the bigger things taking place/that will be taking place.
jeffrey edwards
jeffrey edwards Mês atrás
Larry bird. No karl malone?? You're a sellout.
Arun Grewal
Arun Grewal Mês atrás
3:05 I believed it at first until I slowed it myself😂🤣😂
Darling S
Darling S Mês atrás
Really don’t care about 45 anymore already voted and it was not him. Biden 2020
King O
King O Mês atrás
Who else votes for trump trump 2020
Antonio Fernandez
Antonio Fernandez Mês atrás
Only Fauci knows when the plandemic will finish.
Jacobus Kurnia Kaalapaking
Jacobus Kurnia Kaalapaking Mês atrás
It won't end until 2022 or 2023 without a vaccine
tony35287 Mês atrás
“Trump can’t answer questions and always goes off topic!” Clearly Not A President at all Mr Trump!
AYL1688 Mês atrás
UNITED STATESLast updated: October 23, 2020, 00: 49 GMT Coronavirus Cases: 8,660,399 Deaths:228,367 Without your chaotic style tRUMP "management" like running a motel , we cannot reach to THE #1 in the world.
Martyn Skillings
Martyn Skillings Mês atrás
"The worst candidate in the elections." - you got it, Donnie - IT'S YOU!!
g nb
g nb Mês atrás
andrea forshaw
andrea forshaw Mês atrás
Hahaha love it. Go to gaol. 🤣
Morning Coffee
Morning Coffee Mês atrás
At this point I just feel bad for trump’s supporters.
X O Mês atrás
Thanks trump for hurting many leaders of other nations and his own peoples
piggyroo100 Mês atrás
A virus of mass destruction
Shulamit OZERI
Shulamit OZERI Mês atrás
Thank you 🙏👍♥️🙏
Mark Johnston
Mark Johnston Mês atrás
Kimmel used to be funny. Now he's just a political hack
JC Solis
JC Solis Mês atrás
That's basically all Late Night TV these days.
Zach Cloutier
Zach Cloutier Mês atrás
Biden-Harris 2020!!! I miss Barack Obama as president so much. He's been such an inspiration since I was 12 years old in middle school. I miss his reasonable, thoughtful and calming leadership!!!
Debbie Gross
Debbie Gross Mês atrás
trump is such a buffoon and if you support him, so are you. To say the least.
Shannon Minor
Shannon Minor Mês atrás
T-rump: Try to be decent. We would all really appreciate some common decency. Thank you.
LtJackboot Mês atrás
People who speak in absolutes are always wrong.
PilotOlms Mês atrás
Trump is a funnier comedian and better stand up comedian than this guy, this speaker only has a laughing because it’s a computerized laugh track.
He beats himself!
Deep Rooted Kennels
Deep Rooted Kennels Mês atrás
ОFFensive cRACkerofthEwHipp
ОFFensive cRACkerofthEwHipp Mês atrás
Isn't it against youtube policy for BRshow to play manipulated videos of politicians? Jimmy Kimmel isnt even funny his face looks like somebody I want to feel sorry for because he was beaten as a kid for being so stupid and thats the funniest thing about him and that's sad.
Chris S
Chris S Mês atrás
4:50 so funny
Natalie Marie
Natalie Marie Mês atrás
Lol I would never trust him to do home repairs. I doubt he even knows how to use a dishwasher.
MCYY MCYY Mês atrás
Trump as always 'accused' Biden with crime, but what we knows there's no-one coming out showing evidence and report Biden crimes, instead we saw lots of women & person had been upfront about Trump Crime, instead! That tells much about the 'foul Trumpet'!
mendel veron
mendel veron Mês atrás
You know thats not true
Nick N
Nick N Mês atrás
Jimmy Kimmel you just lost all the Trump fans. Incl me. YOU SUCK. and your not even funny lol
Z.I.T.U Mês atrás
11:39 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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