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Long Life Golden
Long Life Golden 2 horas atrás
*nice and cool 😱*
Marilyna Lyn
Marilyna Lyn 2 horas atrás
Love you even more after watching the docu....
jv :*
jv :* 2 horas atrás
She's a queen !!!!
kunrasatee thaweeklag
kunrasatee thaweeklag 2 horas atrás
Heidi K
Heidi K 2 horas atrás
She loved the first Shane Dawson series with Jeffree Star. She said so on Twitter at the time. This was definitely inspired by that. Not as many views as Shane got though..
Delaine Duffey
Delaine Duffey 2 horas atrás
Don't hide things from her... It's important! #Paris
Salma 2 horas atrás
This made me love her even more
Delaine Duffey
Delaine Duffey 2 horas atrás
Please don't communicate telepathically. It's a nightmare. Too many Angels & Demons in the realm where you can see the color of the wind, the air waves which carry sound & light.... I'll be waiting for friends to tell me something useful. #ParisHilton #Paris
Lauren Eshelman
Lauren Eshelman 3 horas atrás
Paris is just literally a queen. She deserves the world x9596849675386734958673 but more
Sabit’s Godzilla World
Sabit’s Godzilla World 3 horas atrás
Kudiwa Mwafuli
Kudiwa Mwafuli 3 horas atrás
Money wont make you happy.Its sad how they sent her away like that.
Gush9x 3 horas atrás
This documentary made me emotional. We are all living such different life’s but have same issues. I can relate to Paris and I feel like behind the scenes we very alike deep down.
Lauren Eshelman
Lauren Eshelman 3 horas atrás
lildedreamer 3 horas atrás
Omg she's one of the sweetest people alive
Duda Santos
Duda Santos 3 horas atrás
Paris, i am so proud of you, you are so brave to expose everything that happened, keep it strong, I love you. ❤
sary noel
sary noel 3 horas atrás
Im happy for you Paris.. Godbless you..
Jester DEWIT
Jester DEWIT 3 horas atrás
Of course you remove the dislike button
pm 110
pm 110 3 horas atrás
Well I’m surprised if she can boil an egg to be honest........!
Jeff Heinzel
Jeff Heinzel 3 horas atrás
This is a two our pitty party!
Hayley Stokes
Hayley Stokes 3 horas atrás
Me high at 2am: 👁👄👁 omg Paris can jump so high
Sujit murmu
Sujit murmu 3 horas atrás
Dyan Nabets
Dyan Nabets 3 horas atrás
I love the way she is ☺ We are not perfect as a human being , we make mistakes but we learn and do better for the future. I love your story I know it's painful but you inspired me so much ☺ thank you .
Wow Wow
Wow Wow 3 horas atrás
It’s incredibly difficult when the two people who were meant to look after and nurture you actually break you down. You have to find your own footing in life. Her parents didn’t seem to care about what happened. Paris’ story brings me so much comfort knowing you can be an amazing, successful, kind person even when your parents have almost destroyed you. Much love to all 💗
Tesssa 3 horas atrás
She was so relevant YEARS ago I like her music
RoRo and silent John slots
RoRo and silent John slots 3 horas atrás
Poor poor puppet
CallMehAdri 3 horas atrás
When I thought she was living the dream-
besim q
besim q 3 horas atrás
Can we all appreciate Paris for making this FREE !? Thank you queen. 💕💗💖
Paris turn towards Islam you will find happiness, believe me Paris just try it.
Peep Matts
Peep Matts 3 horas atrás
She could just stop and work on herself. But she seems to enjoy the drama
Tesssa 3 horas atrás
Lies she know damn well she is the person she been for years .. love her tho
Rutul 3 horas atrás
Who is she and why all are hating her??
Razia Khatoon
Razia Khatoon 3 horas atrás
. Dr Tuber
larry smith
larry smith 3 horas atrás
I am just soo soo sorry I clicked on this.
westindiesgal fruits
westindiesgal fruits 3 horas atrás
I grew up a Paris fan and will always be a Paris fan ❤❤
J Romeo
J Romeo 3 horas atrás
Magical aquarian doing what she does best..... being her .magical self🥰
Harley-Quinn 3 horas atrás
I've been thru years of domestic violence nearly murdered suffered for so many years I now live with depression anxiety and PTSD post traumatic stress disorder I have night terrors sleep paralysis and flashbacks nights were I can't sleep at all reliving everything I've been thru so I no how you feel.. You are an amazing strong women lots of love from the UK ♥️
Trey Gambles
Trey Gambles 3 horas atrás
I pray she is able to heal, and move forward in her life. I know this documentary will help so many. Be Blessed Paris.
Dijana Ferkovic
Dijana Ferkovic 3 horas atrás
Dear Paris, you need to contact Byron Katie, and with her help go through "The Work." If you do that you will be open to a new life of freedom and happiness. No need to explain more. If you are ready, the teacher will appear. I wish you all the best.
Malcolm Germano
Malcolm Germano 3 horas atrás
Omg, Kim K copies EVEN her voice tone I'm like ???????
Taurus May
Taurus May 3 horas atrás
Don't believe anything that she is saying She wants to be back in the spot light . No poor Paris
Coin Kipo
Coin Kipo 3 horas atrás
Jonathan Harris
Jonathan Harris 3 horas atrás
Paris I know exactly why this is happening and why. I've got love , we've known each other for years. I know you will have my attitude and.what I,ve done. In America I would,be been a football scholarship. I beat Matthew warchus, sister at composition at school and was top the year dad. went home e Sweden. He,d played soccer for Malmö Sweden 💓
Jonathan Harris
Jonathan Harris 3 horas atrás
Guess who's dad wrote girls just want to have fun
Keri S
Keri S 3 horas atrás
I'm so sorry this has happened to Paris or any other person. I had an abusive step father. I still have issues from that time and I felt my mother didn't do enough to protect us. So I could relate to this in a small way.
Sacha 3 horas atrás
im sorry. i recant
MK Hogan
MK Hogan 3 horas atrás
I know there are “enhancements” 😁 but these Hilton women actually get more beautiful as they age.
brejnhardt 3 horas atrás
Poor little richgirl.. She have the world for her feet, more money than normal people earn in a lifetime, yet still she is crying her heart out.. That said, the nobody deserve to be treated like at that bootcamp!
Impormasyon 3 horas atrás
This is a well-made documentary
Jace Smith
Jace Smith 3 horas atrás
im rich and famous wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Steve 3 horas atrás
Use hashtag Meatycushionswithparis
Steve 3 horas atrás
OMFG is this a joke? Because I’m pissing myself laughing. It’s like a cooking show parody. She needs to tie her hair up and take the fuckn gloves off!! That lasagne is gonna have long hairs in it. Also use fresh pasta not dried supermarket crap. I love how she just chucks everything in the sink. Pretty sure somebody else is going to have to clean up the mess.
Simina Cîrcu
Simina Cîrcu 3 horas atrás
But... The bunny?
Just Me Allen
Just Me Allen 3 horas atrás
I do not doubt this happened to her but i still see that by telling this she is updating herself and making some money.
Steve 3 horas atrás
Yuck chihuahuas are gross
Lovisa Malmquist
Lovisa Malmquist 4 horas atrás
Um chile • 100 years ago
Um chile • 100 years ago 4 horas atrás
i just finished watching it. She doesnt deserve all that happened to her in the past and no one deserve her not even her own family, everyone around her are just so toxic. she should surround herself with people like her classmates in provo, who can understand her and are genuine to her.
Bertha Robinson
Bertha Robinson 4 horas atrás සෑම කෙනෙකුටම දැන ගැනීමට අවශ්‍ය වූයේ ගමන් කිරීමට ක්‍රමයක් තිබේද යන්නයි
Camille Roullier
Camille Roullier 4 horas atrás
WOW. I'm so proud of your hard work on this new film, Alex. Perfectly done ! Also, Paris Hilton amazed me by her way of surviving traumas and by the fight she takes part in to stop child abuses in those centers.
Nature's Healing Miracles
Nature's Healing Miracles 4 horas atrás
At 8:36 she literally shakes the bunny and then drops it! wtf....
Smart Sanatani
Smart Sanatani 4 horas atrás
Every second BRshow recommended me this then I saw your vdo wtf it's still recommended 🥺
Silhouett PoleStudio
Silhouett PoleStudio 4 horas atrás
Provo classes are always the classes with the kids they consider bad and can't focus to learn...i would never send my child to a school with that name alone. Smh...
Wes Carpenter
Wes Carpenter 4 horas atrás
#chilli #cookingwithparis
misskris117 4 horas atrás
Thank you for showing us who you really are and what you really deal with. Wishing you the best and I want you to know that no matter what... you deserve true happiness Paris.
LiveLikeaPunk 4 horas atrás
Her parents sent her to a literal concentration camp, where they drugged, beat them, watched them shower, put them in dark cold rooms naked for 20hours. No way a Hilton (her parents) with this much influence and insight on schools did not know this. Bullshit! It is a time where the truth is coming out, this is the first step! You will pay for your evil behaviour Hilton parents!
Madeline Harrington
Madeline Harrington 4 horas atrás ආලුවිස් පැවසීය නැතැයි සිතමු
jevz cusenda
jevz cusenda 4 horas atrás
Watched it from the start to end... and it really makes me cry... 😭😭😭😭 I'm so proud of you Paris for breaking free...
B Gedi
B Gedi 4 horas atrás
Her parents knew EXACTLY what the place was that’s why they were crying the night she got taken. They wanted her to be what they wanted and couldn’t accept she was her own person. Her parents, her family and everyone is either working for her or doesn’t care for her. She’s never had a real connection except through trauma bonding with the girls that experienced the same abuse. Obviously she’s gonna feel empty all her life. It’s amazing how she stayed a sane and nice person through it all. Bless her ♥️
Steffi Lein
Steffi Lein 4 horas atrás
Freya Vajra
Freya Vajra 4 horas atrás
EMDR Paris. It will set you free.
Karima Abdikarim
Karima Abdikarim 4 horas atrás
D f sgyßßßgßhwshsscßhshßsswßßhshsshsssssßssßsßsssshsßsssshsßsßssswwsshscttmycmtmmsßcßsssßssßsßssßtßy us
Emile 4 horas atrás
You are just a really rich girl, that's it, nothing special.
Rajesh Paswan
Rajesh Paswan 3 horas atrás
DudeWheresMyApple 4 horas atrás
I really hope she gets to a place where she's happy, with better people around her who want the best for her
Alok Sahu
Alok Sahu 4 horas atrás
WhisperWindz.Ana in London
WhisperWindz.Ana in London 4 horas atrás
After watching this I don’t even want to be rich and famous. It’s just too much...
juzgeningy 4 horas atrás
No one cares who u really are
juzgeningy 4 horas atrás
A first world country rich white women complaining.
196833lwl 4 horas atrás
Made me cry and I’m very proud of you for doing this. Let go of the past and move forward. Life is precious, make the most of life and continue helping those in need.
Amo Sandhu
Amo Sandhu 4 horas atrás
I'm glad she did this... also I'm available if you need ya closet sorting aka Kim k style...also if there was no Paris there would be no Kim
Rebekah 4 horas atrás
I never particularly liked Paris, I felt that she was famous because of her heritage. I'm ashamed to say I judged her without knowing the REAL her. This is a powerful and thought provoking documentary. I have a new found respect for this beautiful woman who created a safe place to shield her from the awfulness of life. I've looked more into her business ventures and now know she is so much more than the media portray. Well done for speaking out. I'm sorry I judged you based on what I thought I knew. You are an inspiration. May everyone follow in your footsteps and spread kindness in such a dark world. Xx
Debbie McC
Debbie McC 4 horas atrás
What an amazing film, its a real eye opener. I feel gutted for Paris. Imagine your parents setting you up to be taken in the middle of the night and be taken to a school where there was/is so much abuse? It doesn't bare thinking about. I'm so sorry this happened to you Paris and I hope and pray you can one day overcome what you were made to endure😔Sending love💖💖💖xxx
ItsAWeakersLife AshleyMissy
ItsAWeakersLife AshleyMissy 4 horas atrás
?? Why is this even made . Who cares .
Xxnathan81993xX 4 horas atrás
So much empathy and respect for you gurl. Thank you for your beautiful story. Everyone deserves to have a moment to heal from their trauma and this story forever changed my view of you as a person.