Alexis Shee
Alexis Shee 4 minutos atrás
Nessa you are a ABSOLUTE queen. The past is the past, you said sorry. Please don't feel bad about yourself and most importantly don't listen to your haters. You are strong :) I will always be here for you. U need to realize that u have TALENT. ILYSM! <3
Jeanette Hemi
Jeanette Hemi 6 minutos atrás
Besides all the comments that think that she's going to k*** herself who else thinks this song is fire
LifeWith Jezelle
LifeWith Jezelle 7 minutos atrás
she sound like bille elish
Quinn Polze
Quinn Polze 7 minutos atrás
Makena Boger
Makena Boger 9 minutos atrás
This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard
hey 11 minutos atrás
Ly Nessa
MARÍA SUIRA 17 minutos atrás
Me transmite tanta paz esta canción🤍☺
GatchaGirl08 23 minutos atrás
The camera man: 👉🤛🤏👉🤲👍🙌👊☝️🤲💪🖐👋👆👈👌👉🤛👍🤝👈✋🤙🤘🖐🖖✌️🤞
Fairy Anne
Fairy Anne 25 minutos atrás
lol the camera man..
Jerika Razer
Jerika Razer 26 minutos atrás
Nessa I love your song. It is soo amazing, You should make more music. When I listen to it, it makes me cry. I have seen your tweets on tweeter. I want you to know that you are such more then they think and say. You are a beautiful person outside and probably on the inside too. If I were to ever hang out with you, you would probably be soo nice, and sweet, just more then anyone would expect. I never was a fan of you, but I never hated you. But now hearing your music. You are soo amazing. I would love to meet you sometime. And hang out. P.s don't let haters get to you. I know it hard just now you are better than what they think. Love you♡
Tawana Manamike
Tawana Manamike 26 minutos atrás
All you haters listen: we all do bad things we make mistakes and we all deserve to be forgiven, how many times have you done bad things and God has forgiven you, mistakes make us human stop hating on other people it’s wrong it won’t get you any where in life
Mckenna Core:3
Mckenna Core:3 27 minutos atrás
Snnakslaajhdsjkawk this sucks 😂😂
grafitittys 19 minutos atrás
almost sounds as nasty as her shart
hot clownz
hot clownz 30 minutos atrás its a gud song
anna apple
anna apple 30 minutos atrás
I can't beleive a 12 years old has more suscribed than u I'm glad I suscribed to u u dang well need it
anna apple
anna apple 30 minutos atrás
I can't beleive a 12 years old has more suscribed than u I'm glad I suscribed to u u dang well need it
Jael Romain
Jael Romain 45 minutos atrás
Ok so....I don’t like Nessa and everyone but I would be lying to myself if I said she could sing...
Cya_later_Cyn 47 minutos atrás
Message sounds so young and innocent😭
EMMA WILKE 47 minutos atrás
u copied madison beer all u do is copy be urself not other people its annoying
lēxī thêçøokīe
lēxī thêçøokīe Hora atrás
Ok but why do I get Madison beer vibes from this-💀
ButteryToast Hora atrás
the camera man is like my first day back to school xD
Angel’sAngel Hora atrás
I love how the rain drops fall with the beats p.s amazing song i love it VERY much xx
Nathelee Aniceto
Nathelee Aniceto Hora atrás
Whaaaat!! Sounded like billie eilish
Addy Campbell
Addy Campbell Hora atrás
this literaly looks like it was filmed on a iPhone 5
April twins
April twins Hora atrás
I loveeeeee this song.
live happy
live happy Hora atrás
Y'all are gonna make this camera man quit his job with these comments 😂 Sub to me please
s h a w t y
s h a w t y Hora atrás
lmao everybody is attacking the camera man while this is suppose to be a song about pain 😭😭😭
Sheyenne Pack
Sheyenne Pack Hora atrás
Beautiful song Nessa!💓
Loryn Strongman
Loryn Strongman Hora atrás
such a gorgeous voice❤
Sarah Delorme
Sarah Delorme Hora atrás
yes, we get it. the cameraman sucks. but the song is way better than dixie's. just saying.
Trinity Chong
Trinity Chong Hora atrás
she sounds so much like tate mcrae woah. and a bit of billie eilish vibes...
Sophie Chang
Sophie Chang Hora atrás
this makes my head hurt why the camera man moving like that
Danah Alabdullatif
Danah Alabdullatif Hora atrás
No offense to those who love nessa but she is basically copying Dixie demelio...
Kyrie Atwood
Kyrie Atwood Hora atrás
Insert best comment
p4stel .purple
p4stel .purple Hora atrás
lmaoooo i can’t unsee the memes made out of this 💀
Jada Fonseca
Jada Fonseca Hora atrás
ByUeSSS sometimes I don't wanna happy -dixie damelio be happy I'm in PAAAAAAiIIIiiiNNNNNNn -nessa Barret pain
rocky meriposa
rocky meriposa Hora atrás
im in ✨𝓹𝓐𝓲𝓝𝓷𝓝𝓷𝓝𝓷✨ you sing great tho babe good job !!!🤩
Madelyn Scully
Madelyn Scully Hora atrás
why do i now think this song about josh leaving her.
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo 2 horas atrás
Lil Sharty
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo 2 horas atrás
Lil Sharty the baddest
Skylar Noyes
Skylar Noyes 2 horas atrás
I’m confused...Who’s Payne and why is she in him?
jöšīe sullivan
jöšīe sullivan 2 horas atrás
great song lil sharty
Mia Salguero
Mia Salguero 2 horas atrás
Nessa you are perfect don't listen haters i LOVE you so much you are so cute ,people do not know who you are you have to feel like me and everyone I love you you are a queen🥺👑💘
You_Are_Amazing_DONT_DENY 2 horas atrás
She kinda sound like Billie in slowed version
Tim Mick
Tim Mick 2 horas atrás
Her songs turned from *happy* to *sad*..
clarissa J.
clarissa J. 2 horas atrás
I hate people. They so mean
brooklyn genero
brooklyn genero 2 horas atrás
Love this song
ARELI ARELI 2 horas atrás
My biggest flex was I never hated on nessa she my freaking idol! ❤️
Kourtney Goeman
Kourtney Goeman 2 horas atrás
bro are yall dumb? The camera man is supposed to be like that.
Lacey Wendt
Lacey Wendt 2 horas atrás
These comments have me rolling
Red flower
Red flower 2 horas atrás
I h ink the camera guy needed to pee camera man:I need too piiissssss
Iamjustzuri 2 horas atrás
Her voice is really nice 🥺🥺🥺
bella sims
bella sims 2 horas atrás
She has the voice of an angel💕
Carla Lillo
Carla Lillo 2 horas atrás
I love this song sm is amazing no one can tell otherwise✨
Carla Lillo
Carla Lillo 2 horas atrás
The drops on beat love it💧
Ashlee Yang
Ashlee Yang 2 horas atrás
she isn't necessarily a bad person and does not deserve THIS much hate, but actions have consequences, that is why on social media you have to think before you say/do certain things.
NoMercy46 2 horas atrás
It's sad that people are making memes to this song while she is crying herself to create this masterpiece
Diana Price
Diana Price 2 horas atrás
Kailey Byrnes
Kailey Byrnes 2 horas atrás
Do your stuff gurly <3
Diana Price
Diana Price 2 horas atrás
i know why shes in pain SHE SHARTED
prici. p
prici. p 2 horas atrás
If you think nessa has a good voice 👇
April Jones
April Jones 2 horas atrás
nessa singing so beautiful, the song is so heartful (the camera man there just ruining the video)
Gabriela Ortiz
Gabriela Ortiz 2 horas atrás
nessa doest deserve all this hate and mean comments she is getting she trys so hard to get things right stay strong nessa
Layla Kehoe
Layla Kehoe 2 horas atrás
Plot twist: the song is about Charli
Starmoon627 2 horas atrás
bts army jk jm
bts army jk jm 2 horas atrás
Guys the comments really made me laugh so muche 😂😂😂😂
hallo 2 horas atrás
✨Sangwoo get her ankles✨ Jk
Camila Guachichulca
Camila Guachichulca 2 horas atrás
Nessa is a lot of thing but one thing she is a strong woman that deserves everything in her life I don’t get why people can’t forgive but Nessa I really love you and I hope you get better with your mental health.
Islafey 2 horas atrás
Everyone when josh announces he was the cameraman:👁💧👄💧👁
Winter gaming White Snow
Winter gaming White Snow 2 horas atrás
I just got broke up with today and this song makes me cry
atlafy 2 horas atrás
the camera man was just in pain
LS_ TEAM 3 horas atrás
Trash asf
ASK 3 horas atrás
The cameraman was having a full cardio session
brunette shawtyy
brunette shawtyy 3 horas atrás
i know nessa has made mistakes, i do, but don’t you think all the hate has gone on for too long now? you guys are damaging her fr, can we just forgive please? you don’t have to support her but stop all the hate please
Team Emivan
Team Emivan 3 horas atrás
Omg guys really the comments about the camera made my day i really laughed so hard 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Itz Emily
Itz Emily 3 horas atrás
Yall switch up so fast we could never forgive her smh this don’t mean anything BRUH
Gabby Amoako
Gabby Amoako 3 horas atrás
The camrea guy in pain after reading the comments
Katie Gentry
Katie Gentry 3 horas atrás
Nessa you are Ana amazing singer keep doing what your doing and you do NOT deserve any of the hate you are getting 🤍🤟🏼