Sky Brown Intro Package
Fatima Bruderreck
Fatima Bruderreck 4 horas atrás
What's up with the music???
but we move
but we move 4 horas atrás
I’m a Brit watching this and WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO BRUNO??
Noelle 4 horas atrás
I'm confused as to how his hair still looked good after that.
Noelle 4 horas atrás
Y'all could see it in her face that she was *so* embarrassed when she realized she had literally just pulled this man's hair as leverage. So I feel bad for her, but chile.... I'd be lying if I said I didn't laugh💀
Lucy 4 horas atrás
honestly massive props to emma like he clearly did better this week (not much but still) and that's because she's a good teacher and choreographer, like she knows how to jazz up a routine with her own moves enough to make it less clunky, andshe did get all the cha cha basics into this as well
Danielle Thibault
Danielle Thibault 4 horas atrás
She actually did better this week but the songgggg 🙄
Danielle Thibault
Danielle Thibault 4 horas atrás
The dislike for Tyra in the comments🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ and also Charles did better than carol 😒 views matter tho
Dakota Cardeesi
Dakota Cardeesi 5 horas atrás
This is trash Skai Jackson outsold🥱🥱
Amandazz Worldd
Amandazz Worldd 5 horas atrás
Sorry he can't dance
sweetgirl4u247 5 horas atrás
We see you hunnayyyy!
sweetgirl4u247 5 horas atrás
I love Johnny weir. You can tell he is in it to win it.
sweetgirl4u247 5 horas atrás
Wondering what cat song will be next...
sweetgirl4u247 5 horas atrás
Nelly needs to let go like he did in his first dance.
QWERT ASDFG ZXCVB 6 horas atrás
Madison Pootasy
Madison Pootasy 6 horas atrás
Her face and the way she snatched his hopes and dreams out his scalp😭😭😭
Jessica Nuttall
Jessica Nuttall 6 horas atrás
All I'm picturing while watching this is Joe Exotic watching TV in prison muttering "that f*cking bitch"
makk 6 horas atrás
Jeanie is not one to back down from a challenge. That upside down spin was brave!!
Stasyia's Story - Down syndrome
Stasyia's Story - Down syndrome 6 horas atrás
Homelander 6 horas atrás
Dude thats my favorite doxxer.
Zenner Scott
Zenner Scott 7 horas atrás
Pasha wife very disrespectful putting her leg up it look like her leg on backwards and that black dress hanging off her older butt she is very disrespectful as a wife I am Nelly wife and pasha I would love dance with you
Zenner Scott
Zenner Scott 7 horas atrás
Oh Danielle Karach husband dancing with the Stars huh where his mask huh like his wife huh pasha this Nelly wife you dance good sexy and passionate yep you dance better then my husband Nelly and your disrespecting wife
Simply Sweet
Simply Sweet 7 horas atrás
That was still really good
Jay Nunez
Jay Nunez 7 horas atrás
I cannot watch this with Tara Banks in it... plz I beg get RID of her!!!!!!
MIKE59780 7 horas atrás
You see this is exactly why people don’t watch tv anymore.
Pebbles 2020
Pebbles 2020 7 horas atrás
She dances a stiff. More hip action.
Pebbles 2020
Pebbles 2020 8 horas atrás
I Miss Erin Andrews, at least she was respectful towards the judges. She was once a contender also, but she wasn't constantly critique every contender, Tyra does. Brandon carrying Jeannie is a gimmick.
Sasha Zizi :3
Sasha Zizi :3 8 horas atrás
She grabbed his soul, spirit and prayers 😭
Laura Magro Hernandez
Laura Magro Hernandez 8 horas atrás
Salsa ??? Wtf ?
Irene T
Irene T 8 horas atrás
I can't stop watching this. So so good.
Kirsty Birsty
Kirsty Birsty 8 horas atrás
Is she anorexic?
Kirsty Birsty
Kirsty Birsty 8 horas atrás
It creeps me out how big her hear is compared to her body lol
glitter fireworks
glitter fireworks 8 horas atrás
The same dance moves I was taught when I was 6
Creeper 8 horas atrás
How much product was in Alan’s hair?!?!
Aeysha Seide
Aeysha Seide 8 horas atrás
Team Artem will win this team so powerful Talent 💪👈
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose 8 horas atrás
jaianna brown
jaianna brown 9 horas atrás
the singer is bomb af
Frenchie L'Noir
Frenchie L'Noir 9 horas atrás
Seriously that was the wrong decision Carole needs to go home
Dawn Kelly Gets Real
Dawn Kelly Gets Real 9 horas atrás
Oh good lord in heaven.....
kurtdublin 9 horas atrás
Nelly was STIFF as if he were afraid to move.
Amari257 9 horas atrás
Don’t worry y’all, she was wig checking him. He’s clean
Odile Marais
Odile Marais 10 horas atrás
Как можно быть такой офигенной?!!!
Music Fan
Music Fan 10 horas atrás
Basically the same as her 1st dance and why are her dances so short?
Kelleytina Williams
Kelleytina Williams 10 horas atrás
People made it out to be like she was on the floor when she pulled his hair. It wasn’t that bad it was a good routine
Rosrychaplet 10 horas atrás
Is this the same little girl from Jesse tv show?
Mvtty 11 horas atrás
Young Queen! That ending was badass
Mvtty 11 horas atrás
Omg she is the cutest thing in the world!! That smile is priceless❤
iixremq 11 horas atrás
Are they gon do a 2nd season of the juniors?cause personally im more invested in the juniors more ngl xD
I’m Amenace
I’m Amenace 11 horas atrás
What’s that finger shaking she was doing towards the end? There’s no passion with how she’s doing it. And when she twirled and lay her head in the air could’ve been more emotional, and more passion. Like I said before, you people are TOO NICE. This performance has some flaws.
Kathy Schiller
Kathy Schiller 11 horas atrás
Carol is this season’s Sean & Tyra sucks ... Bring back Tom & Erin
Elecktra.G 11 horas atrás
I love them together 💖
Sesly Williams
Sesly Williams 11 horas atrás
0:31 skai d.a said if I go down u coming down with me
Azraelson 11 horas atrás
I see why Tom Bergeron left
I’m Amenace
I’m Amenace 11 horas atrás
If you people say the judges are being too harsh, then YOU know nothing of what professional dancing is. There wasn’t just a stubble, look at her steps. Her steps isn’t fully there. I’m not saying she’s a bad dancer, but to see she deserves a high score, would be a joke.
Uhh Hona
Uhh Hona 11 horas atrás
Imagine if his hair wasn’t real 🤭
Alyssa Morrison
Alyssa Morrison 11 horas atrás
She was gripping his hopes, his thoughts, AND his dreams 😂🤪
Robinson S
Robinson S 11 horas atrás
OH MY GOSHHHHHHH!!!! that was incredible so cool!!!!
MH-2 11 horas atrás
Olivia Benedict
Olivia Benedict 11 horas atrás
Her dancing is good but she looks so uncomfortable. Like she’s trying too hard to be perfect
Robinson S
Robinson S 11 horas atrás
woww i loved it!!! that was awesome
Natalie Vazquez
Natalie Vazquez 12 horas atrás
I'm just here to read the comments about her snatching the dude's scalp😂😂😂😂
Deeva Q Speaks
Deeva Q Speaks 12 horas atrás
I wonder if Ellen is watching? I remember they were a big couple in the 90s big news!
Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt 12 horas atrás
Who's next the Zodiac Killer?
Heaven Aaliyah
Heaven Aaliyah 12 horas atrás
NateBoy 123
NateBoy 123 12 horas atrás
What’s new? Pussycat (CaRoLe BaSkiN)
Emma Proulx
Emma Proulx 12 horas atrás
wait is there a real audience?
Ms Tiffany
Ms Tiffany 12 horas atrás
You know the weird ppl from the Capital in Hunger Games? Yeah, they're the creative minds behind Caroles stay on the show
Ms Tiffany
Ms Tiffany 13 horas atrás
Remember Hunger Games? The weird/sociopathic people who live in the Capital? Only they would cosign this woman.
Ms Tiffany
Ms Tiffany 13 horas atrás
I'm here for the comments
Dean XCX
Dean XCX 13 horas atrás
That shit was crisp!
•Blüë Lêäf gáming•
•Blüë Lêäf gáming• 13 horas atrás
Margot/harley doesnt wears skirt in the movie
Goldyn 13 horas atrás
Everyone talking about her killing her husband and I’m trying to figure out who is singing the song during the performance
BRUZILLA 11 13 horas atrás
Plot twist: its a wig
Sam Holland
Sam Holland 13 horas atrás
I think they got a 30 for the score
Deairah Eubanks
Deairah Eubanks 13 horas atrás
She was holding on to his thoughts 💀💀💀
K S 13 horas atrás
DWTS has embarrassed itself by bringing her on show.
Vasanth Anthony
Vasanth Anthony 13 horas atrás
And you are embarassing yourself with this comment and judging someone when you don't know the TRUTH!!
Melissa Gaspar
Melissa Gaspar 13 horas atrás
She is so REAL 😜♥️Love you girl
Nicole Klaisner
Nicole Klaisner 13 horas atrás
After watching this I can see chemistry all along I’m so glad they ended up together 😍❤️ I swear the way he looks at her
What Did I Just Watch
What Did I Just Watch 13 horas atrás
tacnacs molly
tacnacs molly 13 horas atrás
stop trying to be more of a woman than your partner....
The Secret History
The Secret History 14 horas atrás
Because of this backlash, producer kicked out/fired the winner pro, Sharna Burgess, the next season off with the lamest excused they couldn't find her a partner. It was never heard of firing a pro dancer winner the next season, but they brought her back this 2020 season. Smh. Sharna was robbed multiple time before, however, it was the people who voted at home for the charismatic Bobby Bones, not Sharna's fault. It was her first win. The producer had to changed how the voting & judges score goes when declaring the winner after this season with Bobby. Smh.