dǝǝd ɯopuɐɹ
dǝǝd ɯopuɐɹ 19 minutos atrás
Wait you can curved her smoke??
Muhammad Arkan Alkautsar
Muhammad Arkan Alkautsar 2 horas atrás
can you make it without internet my brothers is getting mad some time it work but sooooooooo lagy so pls
GameChanger 2 horas atrás
First off all fix your god damm servers, Everytime i open the game i always get code 59, i also play cs it works fine, if you are competeting with cs then why the hell your servers are trash, I got disconnected from Deatmatch twice [My internet was fine] then your idiotic code had banned me for 1 hour. Since 3 days I'm constantly getting code 59 solve it first then show those fancy trailers.
Spoops 6 horas atrás
how did he get a guardian and then a vandal
Đạt Đào
Đạt Đào 7 horas atrás
1:05 I think the voice in radio is Sage. You WILL NOT kill my ally.
Dominic MC
Dominic MC 7 horas atrás
0:12 have you noticed a free shorty skin?
bird seed gaming
bird seed gaming 8 horas atrás
make a battle royal mode also i do valorent videos and other stuff but still please work on a battle royal gamod
Jess Rogue
Jess Rogue 8 horas atrás
1:00 which is exactly how I got my first ace, these people really know their game
Blackshadow 9 horas atrás
Is that sage talking to Phoenix
NYC.J 9 horas atrás
Fix the ranking system. ffs
Samuel Pineda
Samuel Pineda 9 horas atrás
Is very sad what is happening in United States, Trump had siggned to prohibed Tik Tok (well that mekes me happy) But also we chat, and we chat is from tencent games, and they are also owners of Riot Games (LOL, Valorant) and also from Fortnite Well I live in LATAM so I'm I will not be affect, but you guys, :( I wish that this go good for riot...
fbim 11 horas atrás
Next agent From Indonesia, okay 😁
baka 12 horas atrás
jett speaking korean was all i wanted in life
Jon Semeniano
Jon Semeniano 13 horas atrás
Yo did jett revived phoenix?
Timur 56255
Timur 56255 14 horas atrás
*sad russian noises*
Chop Sticks
Chop Sticks 16 horas atrás
I just realized the one calling is sage or I may be wrong
さくらSakura 16 horas atrás
if he had a new character, he would take the shape and power of his enemies.
majonezowe_grańsko 16 horas atrás
I wana more
juss Slouch
juss Slouch 16 horas atrás
Zero from Bo4 vibes.
Frost Oblivion
Frost Oblivion 17 horas atrás
Is there an omen cinematic?
Fremol 17 horas atrás
Yeah, and every skins is for money
NaiFxTABUK 18 horas atrás
Its free to play ??
Ferenca!!a!a Varga
Ferenca!!a!a Varga 19 horas atrás
Music name?
faiz zakaria
faiz zakaria 20 horas atrás
whatever you do,DON'T SAY NICE TO PHOENIX
Joanna 21 hora atrás
”small price, big colours, great fun” cost: $100
KingOf Death
KingOf Death 22 horas atrás
KingOf Death
KingOf Death 22 horas atrás
Lucy 22 horas atrás
Wheel Burner
Wheel Burner 23 horas atrás
jett revive me
ItsY0BoiAndre Dia atrás
Oi you could've just called them charms "Gun Buddies" just feels weird
Black Kujaku
Black Kujaku Dia atrás
That eyebrows is *THICC*
When will it come in android plz tell me plz my friends also play it I also want to play so plz tell me
El Fabro
El Fabro Dia atrás
que clase de mai es esta?
Kade Dia atrás
For the low low price of $60, you could also get Cyberpunk 2077.
Zeki Oyuncu
Zeki Oyuncu Dia atrás
Will a turkish agent come?
Promise Haze
Promise Haze Dia atrás
Zesty Onceler
Zesty Onceler Dia atrás
dang they had a trailer for elderflame and glitchpop but not for oni DANGGGGG
Şurahan Nayır
Şurahan Nayır Dia atrás
düünyaaa üzerinde ki eeen iyi videeeeoo tşk
BM0b Dia atrás
Now, make a map or make a gamemode with no map gimicks
동탄역만원빨리줍기우승자준식엄• Dia atrás
*내가 바람이다*
21 Grams
21 Grams Dia atrás
bunnies love the judge im sorry sparklez its time to put you down
Joanna 21 hora atrás
players would be willing to purchase at fair prices and Riot would actually make more revenue from the game.
M G Dia atrás
Tha looks horrible!! Oh well
eddison so
eddison so Dia atrás
Luis Duarte
Luis Duarte Dia atrás
When does the battle pass end?
Zecta Inc
Zecta Inc Dia atrás
Did you watch the video? Yes What did it cost? 2 braincells
Leroy Baek
Leroy Baek Dia atrás
She looks asian
OnyX Studio
OnyX Studio Dia atrás
bruhhh that soundtack 🔥🔥
Artsy Dude Arie
Artsy Dude Arie Dia atrás
RIOT gives us wall hacks and aim bots so people wont cheat yet they still do.
Hutai Dia atrás
my fav part is where the video started :)
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Dia atrás
Oh hi dokkaebi what are you doing here ?
Chibles #1
Chibles #1 Dia atrás
Bro if this were a movie JEEEEZ
Mugger Pugger
Mugger Pugger Dia atrás
What language was jett speaking at the end of the clip... And why the frick did the clip end when jett only shot phoenix once with a freaking ghost, like he wouldn't die and he has a rifle lmao.
inyhuss Dia atrás
What did she says at 1:26
EnchanterPvP 15 horas atrás
She said "aw, sorry"
Vida Nerd
Vida Nerd Dia atrás
un 100
Mchief Dia atrás
I think I'm in love 😍❤️
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Dia atrás
”small price, big colours, great fun” cost: $100
Emon Khan
Emon Khan Dia atrás
yeaaaa somebody spammed the glitch effect button while making this video.
Edward Anthony
Edward Anthony Dia atrás
Does this game have wall hackers like csgo or nah? Been looking for fps games like csgo minus the hacking
Grillond Dia atrás
@Edward Anthony Im happy that u liked valorant.
Edward Anthony
Edward Anthony Dia atrás
@Grillond nice. Just downloaded it now and so far, the game seems pretty skill based(not wall hack based) lol! Guess I'm gonna be saying goodbye to csgo
Grillond Dia atrás
All shooters have hackers, but there is wallhack abilities, but they arent over powered, and Vanguard is very good anti cheat
MR INDIA Dia atrás
Killjoy is launching bomb in his laptop Me : even cannot play valorant on my laptop
DubManDude Dia atrás
Fortnite:Lets make an Battle pass BR games:Time To shine
Shakthi Vikranth
Shakthi Vikranth Dia atrás
3X Gaming
3X Gaming Dia atrás
your game everytime shows vanguard not initialised and it shows me in the processes and drivers are to up to date 'fix it'
mr. J ツ
mr. J ツ Dia atrás
this gives me overwatch vibes
Abdul Barr Abdulattif
Abdul Barr Abdulattif Dia atrás
the floating island
Abdul Barr Abdulattif
Abdul Barr Abdulattif Dia atrás
whats up with the last scene
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Dia atrás
Isn't this game a communist china game? Why support it?
farida rowshan
farida rowshan 2 dias atrás
who wants this to become a episodic series like if u want
Kuromadou 2 dias atrás
seems like they hired Jinx's voice actor for this trailer.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Dia atrás
Austin Brady
Austin Brady 2 dias atrás
How it feels to chew 5 gum
ØSUB 4 SUBØ SUBBED 2 dias atrás
Hey Valorant can you add some server and add Asia server because Theres a lot of ping problems sometimes I had 1k ping that make my gameplay so so disappointed so can you please add
Jack olan Tern
Jack olan Tern 2 dias atrás
Make more animations
Jaganivas CK
Jaganivas CK 2 dias atrás
I joined the game only 4 days ago and got her immediately at that day. My first and best character.
야스오원딜은근본이다 2 dias atrás
1:40 who is her? plz tell me she is really good gamer
RushLight 2 dias atrás
I was waiting this.
Ádám Szatmári
Ádám Szatmári 2 dias atrás
when is episode two? btw ive been playing valorant for a long time whit mi friends and i realy like how valorant brings us thogether in quarantene (aka covid19) and i love the game play and i love that theres a new charackter every act (sorry if there are writing sins)
Theodoros, The Thotsbane
Theodoros, The Thotsbane 2 dias atrás
This game is basically the combination of Fortnite with the cartoony graphics and battlepass and obviously CS:GO's gameplay mechanics, nothing new here.
holt gamer
holt gamer 2 dias atrás
"New skins make you happy " 'After new skin arrived' $ 100 to spin ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ
ONIXKING39 2 dias atrás
Can you guys make a setting to make the actual game look like this all I need is a good enough pc and then I can